Logic Pro Basics & Create Bundle
Over 9 Hours of Top-Rated Logic Pro Tutorials - Only $35 (Reg $155)
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Included Products

Included Products

Logic Pro EQ Plugins Explained
Logic Pro Dynamics Plug-Ins Explained
Logic Pro Flex Time Explained
Logic Pro Mastering Assistant Explained
Logic Pro Vintage Keyboards Explained
Logic Pro: Flipping a Sample Explained
Making Old School Samples with Logic Pro
Learn important basics and create your first Logic Pro production...
Further explore the world of Logic Pro with a series of comprehensive video courses, each designed to enhance your knowledge of important Logic Pro basics and boost your production skills. From learning Logic Pro's built-in EQ and Dynamics plugins and vintage keyboards to advanced sampling and sound design techniques, these Logic Pro video tutorials cater to both new and intermediate users looking to refine their skills and make their best tracks and productions!

Whether you are tweaking mixes, mastering tracks, or creating beats and samples from scratch, these courses cover everything from the basics of EQ and compression to the creative applications of Flex Time and the Mastering Assistant. Learn how to manipulate audio with precision using Channel EQ, explore the nuances of different compressor circuits, and harness the capabilities of Logic Pro's Vintage instruments for authentic retro sounds.

With guidance on using Logic Pro's Sampler to chop and layer samples for dynamic compositions and tips on crafting your own old-school samples, these tutorials offer a wealth of knowledge to help you achieve professional-quality sound directly within Logic Pro. Prepare to transform your audio production workflow and elevate your music to new heights with these expert-led video courses!

Step up your Logic Pro knowledge and skils, and save big before this deal ends.
Purchasing this bundle allows you to download each product in the bundle and own it forever, as well as stream the videos from the Groove3 site forever, all immediately after you buy.
Regular Price: $155
Bundle Savings: $120.00!
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