Hot Licks Metal Bundle
Over 5 Hours of Vintage Hot Licks Tutorials - Only $30 (Reg $124.79)
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Included Products

Included Products

Vinnie Moore - Advanced Lead Guitar Techniques
The Legendary Guitar of Jason Becker (Hot Licks)
Marty Friedman - Exotic Metal Guitar (Hot Licks)
Michael Lee Firkins – Mastering Lead (Hot Licks)
Vivian Campbell – Lead Master Class (Hot Licks)
Like your guitar licks shredded?
In these remastered and enhanced vintage Hot Licks video lessons, you’ll learn from five of the biggest names in the guitar shredding business during their prime. Vinnie Moore, Jason Becker, Marty Friedman, Michael Lee Firkins, and Vivian Campbell will show you all their hottest licks and tricks up close in these classic Hot Licks videos, all of which have been digitally restored and enhanced (both audio and video) so the quality is better than ever!

Shredmaster Vinnie Moore will teach you chord/scale theory, pivot licks, arpeggios, picking exercises, and strategies for getting the most out of each lick you learn, so you can turn every new lick you learn into 20 more! The late, great Jason Becker will demonstrate the Japanese scale, pentatonic ideas, his “triangle pattern,” and more, as well as perform several pieces in their entirety. Next up is Jason’s cohort from the Cacophony days, Marty Friedman, who will teach you patterns of five, arpeggio patterns, diminished patterns, exotic string-bending, his “pause-and-rush” concept, and other ideas that he uses to create his unique, signature style.

Then it’s something completely different with Michael Lee Firkins. After teaching some rhythm guitar concepts that’ll help you break out of the power chord rut, he demonstrates his patented “imitation slide” technique, in which he uses the whammy bar to imitate slide guitar. Other topics include tapping, legato, and arpeggio shapes, to name a few. Finally, Vivian Campbell, the Irish axe man who’s worked with Dio, Whitesnake, and Def Leppard (among others), shows you warm-up ideas, muting, harmonics, pull-offs, pick-hand techniques, wide-interval licks, and more.

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Regular Price: $124.79
Bundle Savings: $94.79!
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