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Pro Tools Tutorial

Pro Tools 11 Tips & Tricks

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    Tutorial 1

    Quantizing and Conforming a Loop


    In this video, Kenny shows you how to cut up and quantize a loop in Pro Tools 11. Both Beat Detective and Elastic Audio techniques are shown.

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    Tutorial 2

    Editing Drums - Beat Detective


    Watch as Kenny runs through the process of editing and quantizing a multi-miked drum performance using Beat Detective in Collection mode in Pro Tools 11.

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    Tutorial 3

    Editing Drums - Elastic Audio


    In this video, Kenny goes through the process of editing and quantizing a multi-miked drum performance to the Grid using Elastic Audio in Pro Tools 11.

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    Tutorial 4

    Kick Drum Replacement


    Sample replacement and enhancement has become a standard in modern records. In this tutorial, Kenny shows you how to add Kick samples to a real live performance to add punch and attack.

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    Tutorial 5

    Snare Drum Replacement


    See Kenny go through the process of replacing or enhancing a recorded snare drum with samples to really make it stick out in the mix.

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    Tutorial 6

    Parallel Compression


    Parallel Compression or NY Style Drum Compression has become incredibly popular over the last few decades and in this video Kenny shows you how to get the most out of this popular technique.

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    Tutorial 7

    Cymbal Compression Trick


    Adding top end brightness or brilliance can be tricky but with this unique technique, Kenny shows you how to add excitement to your drums while keeping them in control.

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    Tutorial 8

    Relative Grid Mode


    Relative Grid mode is one of those under-used features in Pro Tools and in this tutorial Kenny will go through all of the benefits of utilizing it. As a bonus, Kenny covers Identify Sync Point functions as well.

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    Tutorial 9

    Clip Groups


    Moving many items around in Pro Tools 11 can be tricky so Kenny shows you the benefit of using Clip Groups to keep our Clips together and keeping thing neat.

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    Tutorial 10

    Repeat to Fill Selection


    Another one of those under-used functions, Repeat to Fill selection can perform tasks in ways that no other method can achieve. Kenny demonstrates some of the most useful of them.

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    Tutorial 11

    Favorite Plug-Ins - Default Presets


    Mixing quickly can be the key to creating a great mix. Using features like Favorite Plug-ins and Default Presets can get as half the way there before you even get started. Many examples are focused on.

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    Tutorial 12

    Using the Click Plug-In


    Pro Tools 11 introduced a new Click Plug-in and Kenny shows you how to get the most of it. In addition, you will learn how to create your own custom click tracks that are tempo flexible in Pro Tools 11.

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    Tutorial 13

    Export Tracks as New Session


    One of the newer features added to Pro Tools is the ability to choose specific tracks and create an entire new session from them. In this video, Kenny goes through all the benefits and uses of such a feature.

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    Tutorial 14

    Show and Hide Tracks (based on assignments)


    In this tutorial, Kenny shows you the Pro Tools 11 features of hiding and showing tracks temporarily based on their assignments. This feature allows you to really focus in on the tracks we are adjusting at any given moment.

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    Tutorial 15

    Zoom Toggle


    Learn about the power of the Zoom Toggle function and it's ability to expand one or many tracks to full screen or any other chosen size. Every parameter and option is explained.

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    Tutorial 16

    Sends and Inserts


    Pro Tools 11 introduced some new viewing features for our inserts and sends. In addition, many keystrokes and modifiers were added as well. Join Kenny as he goes through each one and what they do.

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    Tutorial 17

    Stuttering Guitars


    A very popular effect for guitars is the guitar stuttering effect. Kenny shows you how to create and modify this effect in Pro Tools 11.

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    Tutorial 18

    Automating Plug-Ins


    While most people realize they have the power to automate every parameter of every plug-in in Pro Tools, few people realize how easy it is to do. Watch Kenny as he shows you all of the uses of automating our effects.

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    Tutorial 19

    Mono and Ping Pong Delay


    Digital Delay is not really usually a complicated effect but watch Kenny's twist on Delays regenerating repeats and you'll find new and interesting creative ways of using this staple of modern production.

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    Tutorial 20

    De-Essing Vocals


    De-Essing vocals has become as standard as using EQ or compression and Kenny shows you how easy this can be customized using the new features of Clip Gain in Pro Tools.

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    Tutorial 21

    Comping Vocals


    Now that we've recorded many vocal performances, it's time to Comp or Compile them into one great finished take. Watch Kenny as he shows you his technique using voice stealing, a compressor and comping in context.

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    Tutorial 22

    Freeze Tracks


    While freeze tracks was unfortunately not added to Pro Tools 11, they did add many export and off line rendering functions that makes Track Freeze very simple to accomplish. Watch Kenny as he shows you his technique for freeing up our CPUs to run more and more virtual instrument plug-ins.

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    Tutorial 23

    Recording Levels


    With the introduction of Pro Tools 11, you finally have the ability to calibrate your meters to record exactly the way we prefer. Watch as Kenny shows you the benefit of recording much lower to Pro Tools by changing our meters.

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    Tutorial 24

    Track Presets


    In this video, Kenny shows you this undocumented feature that will improve efficiency and make adding custom tracks to your arsenal easier and more powerful.

Multiplatinum Producer / Engineer Kenny Gioia is perhaps best known for his original Pro Tools Tips & Tricks videos, as they were hailed as, well, the best thing since Pro Tools! Kenny has now returned to his original video craft, bringing you a new set of tips and tricks, as well as revisiting his original series, hand picking them and updating them for Pro Tools 11!

Kenny's years of using Pro Tools is easily recognized as he reveals his most often used techniques during recording, editing and mixing. Now you can get a new angle on using Pro Tools 11, increasing your creativity and speed, while making using Pro Tools 11 easy and exciting!

Kenny starts off his show with how to quantize and conform loops, edit multi-tracked drums with both Beat Detective and Elastic Audio, drum replacement, compression tricks, Relative Grid Mode tips and Clip Group tricks. He then shows you useful ways to use the "Repeat to Fill Selection" command, create favorite and default plug-ins that load your custom preset automatically, the new Click plug-in and more.

Next Kenny shows you how to export tracks as a new session, show and hide tracks based on assignments so you can get laser focused on the important tracks at hand, zooming techniques, his famous "Stuttering Guitar" trick, automating plug-ins, creating custom mono & stereo ping pong delays, de-essing vocals, comping vocals and much, much more!

If you were a fan of Kenny's original tips and tricks videos, or are new to Pro Tools 11 and like to learn some really cool tips and tricks, this series is definitely for you. Let Kenny show you his way of working in Pro Tools 11 and bump up your creativity and workflow... Get "Pro Tools 11 Tips & Tricks" today.


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1. When did you start dabbling in music?

I've played an instrument since I was 10. Drums and Trumpet. I'm 40 now. I can play a little bit of any instrument. Master of none. Rock bands most of my life.

2. What training have you had?

I was taught trumpet classically from grade school up until I graduated high school. I went to Five Towns College for engineering and learned that you can't just learn this stuff from school. I did graduate though.

3. When did you get into recording?

I've been recording since I was 15. Two cassette players wired to a Radio Shack mixer. Eventually I got an 8 track reel to reel by Fostex. I've used just about every DAW and I started using them before they even recorded audio. Vision and Performer were just MIDI sequencers at the time. Before they became Studio Vision and Digital Performer. I got studio jobs because I knew computer MIDI and most studios didn't. I eventually moved up to Sound Tools which was two track. Then Pro Tools made a Audio Media III card which let you have 4 inputs. Gradually I moved up from there with Pro Tools D24, Pro Tools Mix to HD.

4. People you have worked with/for?

Marcy Playground
Mandy Moore
Willa Ford
Lee Ann Womack
Paulina Rubio
Hall & Oates
Head Automatica
Cute is What We Aim For
and many more...

5. Why are you so good at training people?

Hmmm. My Mom always said "Self Praise Stinks". I think it's because I have no ability to talk like a professional announcer, or plan out my teachings. So I teach as if you were sitting next to me. Pretty much off the cuff. I think that engages people more. We're so used to hearing everything done so properly and planned out with unnecessary explanations and proper wording that the brain will actually ignore most of it. Your brain tunes it out like you're back at your desk at school. But if the teacher grabbed you aside and just explained it to you, I believe you'd get more out of it. That is what I try to do.

Products by Kenny

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    tutorial video

    Compressors Explained

    Kenny Gioia is back, this time giving you the history and application of all the famous Compressors ever made, as well as their modern day plug-in equivalents! Now you’ll know exactly what Compressor to pick for your tracks and how to use them. This series is long overdue!

  • image description
    tutorial video

    Delay Explained

    The Delay effect is one of the oldest effects to be used on recordings, and there are many different types and ways to apply it. Multi-Platinum mixer / producer extraordinaire Kenny Gioia returns with a must have series for anyone recording, mixing, engineering or producing music. See how delay can be used to make tracks bigger, wider and just cooler! Learn the important fundamentals and advanced techniques of delay, and you'll find yourself using delay smarter and more creatively.

  • image description
    tutorial video

    Eventide UltraChannel Explained

    Multi-Platinum Engineer / Mixer Kenny Gioia brings you the definitive series on Eventide's amazing UltraChannel Strip plug-in. Follow along with Kenny as he breaks down all the Features and Functions while showing you What the Plug-In Can Do on Different Sources. He also reveals all the Effects, so you'll know just what to do with them on Your Songs and Productions.

  • image description
    tutorial video

    Mixing 101 - Mix Session from Hell

    Platinum producer / engineer Kenny Gioia now reveals a day in the life of a mix engineer, mixing a song from beginning to end, and how to handle all the common problems you'll encounter on your way to that perfect mix. You even get the session files so you can mix along in your DAW and see and hear the results in real-time!

  • image description
    tutorial video

    Mixing Heavy Rock / Metal

    Multi-Platinum Engineer and Producer Kenny Gioia returns with an all-new mixing series, this time dedicated to mixing Heavy Rock / Metal! Step right up and see how Kenny sculpts an epic song by Days of Samara into a radio ready hit, explaining everything in detail as he goes.

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