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StudioLive VSL-AI Explained

The PreSonus StudioLive AI digital mixer and software package is hands down an industry leading mixing solution. This series by PreSonus master Bill Edstrom focuses on the powerful and way cool VSL-AI software used to control the digital hardware mixer. See and hear all that this winning combination of hardware and software can do!

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Introduction 1m:14s

Learn what to expect from this series and an overview of the capabilities of of VSL-AI.


Installing Universal Control AI on Mac 3m:36s

Watch the step by step details of installing UC-AI on OS X.


Installing Universal Control AI on PC 3m:58s

Learn how to install UC-AI and VSL-AI on Windows.


Connecting StudioLive AI 7m:05s

Bill shows how to get your mixer talking to VSL-AI over Firewire, Ethernet, or Wifi.


Universal Control AI 8m:45s

Get an overview of the UC-AI and the VSL-AI mixer. Review all the sections, how to open and close it, how it looks for each mixer

VSL-AI Smaart Wizards


Output Check 3m:38s

Learn how to verify that your stage setup is wired correctly right by sending pink noise to the outputs one by one. Verify the connection of monitors and mains along with correct left and right placement


System Delay 4m:20s

If you are running extra speakers that are a distance away from the mains, you need to delay them to compensate for the speed of sound through air. Here is how to calculate those delays automatically using Smaart and a PRM1 microphone.


Room Analysis 9m:18s

A PreSonus PRM mic along with the VSL-AI Smaart wizards and the Fat Channel, give you an incredible ability to analyse your venue and dial in EQ to compensate. Learn how it's done step by step.

Mixing with VSL-AI


Channel Controls 8m:50s

Overview, HP Filter, Routing, Copying, Gain Reduction, Meter, Naming, Channel Copy


Copy Channels 3m:31s

Learn how to copy channel settings from one channel to another.


Fader Locate 2m:45s

Learn how sync the hardware faders back to the mix.


Fat Channel 11m:13s

Fat Channel Overview, entering values directly, naming differences, Smaart Specta and RTA


Fat Fat Channel 11m:13s

If you have a big screen you can see the Fat Channel even fatter with the wide view UI. Learn how find it and how it differs from the slim Fat Channel.


16.4.2 AI Fat Channel 6m:18s

Learn about the differences with the 16.4.2 AI Fat Channel and how to access the full set of controls through VSL-AI - even those that don't appear on the mixer itself.


Graphic EQ 8m:55s

Learn about using the GEQ tab and the Quickview GEQ. Watch as I demonstrate how to overlay Smart Spectra on the GEQ screen.

VLS-AI Master Section


Aux Panel 8m:16s

Learn how to use the Aux panel controls to mix monitors or external effects. Learn how to link channels for stereo operation, set auxes for Pre or Post operation, add additional sources to the mix.


FX Panel 7m:32s

Learn how to use the FX panel to mix using the four internal FX processors in your StudioLive AI mixer.


Mute Groups 3m:09s

See how to set, clear and work with mute groups. Use mute groups on mixers that don't even have mute groups buttons!


Mix Scenes 3m:07s

Also called, Quick Scenes, these six buttons allow you to have the next scene ready to go at the click of a button.

The VSL-AI Browser


Backing Up 4m:05s

Learn how to do a full backup your mixer's memory to your computer. See where backup files are stored and how to restore a mixer from a backup file.


Working with Scenes 6m:13s

Learn how to rename scenes from VSL-AI, how to transfer scenes from the mixer to computer, from computer to mixer, as well as load scenes. Learn about the Scene Recall filters.


Saving & Loading Fat Channel Presets 4m:15s

Discover how to transfer Fat Channel presets back and forth between the mixer and your computer. Learn how to load only certain parts of a preset and where the files are saved on your computer.


Saving and Loading FX & GEQ Presets 5m:29s

Learn how to drag and drop FX and GEQ presets to load them on the fly and how to and save them.


Locking Out Board Settings 20m:36s

You can lockout some of the controls on your mixer to keep curious hands from doing harm. How? With the secret Lockout setup option and clever Select button password.

Tips and Tricks


Ringing Out Monitors 6m:12s

Use the Smaart Spectragraph along with the Fat Channel EQ bands to ring out your monitors and reduce the chance of feedback during the show.


Setting the Gate Key Filter 4m:39s

Use the Smaart Spectragraph to quickly optimize the Key Filter when setting the Fat Channel Gate.


2-Track Playback Mac 5m:22s

Learn how to playback computer audio through the digital 2 Track In on the mixer using Audio Midi Setup in OS X.


2-Track Playback PC 2m:15s

Discover how to play back Windows audio through the digital 2 Track In on the mixer using Universal Control WDM Setup.

Studio One & StudioLive Basics


The Auxiliary Inputs Router 6m:58s

Use the Aux inputs router in VSL-AI to choose what to record into Studio One. This feature is a common point of confusion so this video should help clear it up.


Recording with Studio One 12m:15s

If you want to make a multitrack recording directly from your StudioLive AI mixer to Studio One, here is the how to set that up.


Mixing Down 7m:41s

Sure can you mix down in StudioOne, but sometimes you want to mix your tracks through StudioLive channels and use real faders. Learn how to set that up in this video.

Bill Edstrom

1. When did you start dabbling in music?

I started on trumpet at age 10, but got more passionate when I picked up bass and guitar in high school. During college, I had a band where I shared lead vocals and electric guitar duties. After that I was in a variety of bands usually on bass or behind the mixing board.

2. What training have you had?

I studied electrical engineering in college but mostly learned recording and music on my own. Recently, I completed the Master of Songwriting and Guitar program through Berklee Music.

3. When did you get into recording?

I have always been fascinated with tape recording since fifth grade. I started by recording demos by bouncing back and forth between two cassette decks. Later I moved on to portastudios, ADATS, pro studios, then to a DAW based project studio.

4. People you have worked with/for?

I work with songwriters world-wide as the founder and creator of - an online collaboration site for songwriters. In my career, I have done FOH, producing, songwriting, mixing, mastering, and voice over. Used to work regionally, but now requests can come from anywhere in the world.

I've written two books on audio production: "Studio One for Engineers & Producers" and "The Power in Cakewalk SONAR" both published by Hal Leonard Books.

Whenever possible, I work closely with the developers of the products I teach doing testing, bug reporting, and feature requests. I think this gives me a much deeper understanding of the products. I really enjoy seeing the products I work with improve.

5. Why are you so good at training people?

I have always been interested in making technology easier to use and understand. I think showing examples is essential when introducing a topic. I feel recording should be a fun and creative experience and I hope that comes across in my videos.

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