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Producing Hard Rock with Logic

All new for 2010, the "Mad Man from Louisiana" Scott Griggs returns with a killer music Logic 9 production series, "Producing Hard Rock with Logic". This in-depth series starts with nothing and ends with a serious "Rawk' n Roll" track as only Scott could do it.

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Pre Production Tips


Creating a Template 4m:55s

See how to setup and save a template that will work for you and your style, and improve your workflow.


Tap Tempo 3m:42s

Learn how to use the Tap Tempo function in Logic to get just the right tempo for your production.


Designing Amps 7m:23s

Scott shows you different ways to achieve various guitar tones that will work for you and your production.


Channel Strip Settings 4m:30s

Explore how to go through the channel strips in Logic that have been specifically created for guitarists.


Custom Guitar Tones 8m:50s

Watch how to plug in external equipment directly into Logic and record. Also see how to use 'free' impulse responses to make custom guitar tones.


3rd Party Guitar Sims 6m:12s

Discover how to utilize a 'free' guitar amp simulator and 'free' guitar cabinet impulse responses to make the ultimate tone.


Bass Guitar Prep 11m:10s

Explore a few different options available in Logic to get that rockin' Bass tone for your song.


Drum Prep 5m:53s

See various ways to get that drum tone you've been searching for. Also learn how to use your sustain pedal like a kick drum pedal to program drums in Logic, by properly routing the signal in the Environment.

Build and Arrange


Verse Guitar 10m:41s

Learn to create song arrangement 'sections' in Logic. Scott then focuses on creating the verse guitar part.


Verse Bass & Drums 7m:16s

Watch Scott create slammin' drums and bass parts for the verse section.


The Chorus 8m:08s

Scott now focuses on building the chorus section, then shows you how to utilize markers for management and arrangement locating.


Intro Perc & Bass 8m:45s

Scott jumps back to the intro and creates cool drum, percussion and bass parts.


Intro Guitars 2m:48s

Scott now layers the guitars over the rhythm section to give it a big 'finished' sound.


Piano Verse 8m:23s

Scott focuses on percussion and piano parts to create a different element within the production.


Rough Sketch 9m:07s

Watch Scott start to bring all of the different sections together and create the form of the song.

Sugar and Spice


Fill it Up 10m:29s

See how to add some drum fills to break up the monotony of the sections and create a sense of separation, keeping everything interesting.


Top it Off 5m:33s

Watch Scott create even more fills, intros and outros for the different sections of the song, as well as continuing to arrange the production.


Percussion Party 8m:11s

Now see how to create a percussion track to inject some feel & groove into the production.


The March Pt. 1 11m:00s

Explore how to design a march or stomp type of sound to add a driving effect and how to chop up sounds for layering etc.


The March Pt. 2 5m:48s

Scott now imports the marching effect into the production and tweaks it even more.


On with the Synths 12m:00s

Scott lays down some synth parts that add texture and depth to the production, creating character.

Guitar Solo!


The Solo Pt. 1 6m:56s

Watch Scott add a new section to the tune and create a layered solo with multiple guitars.


The Solo Pt. 2 10m:38s

Scott continues working with the guitar solo section of the tune.


The Solo Pt. 3 10m:24s

Scott finishes up the solo section adding harmonies resulting in a face melting solo!

Vocals and FX


Bring on the Vox Pt. 1 12m:21s

See Scott bring in the vocal track and align it to where it needs to be.


Bring on the Vox_Pt. 2 6m:07s

Scott finishes up tweaking the vocal parts creating a way cool vocal take.


Scratchin 11m:19s

Discover Scott's tricks for using a EXS24 sampler to add realistic scratching effects to the production.


Creepy Sounds 10m:07s

Watch Scott add some creepy sounds to the song to help give an ambient feel to the piano verse.

Clean it up!


Hit Me 14m:46s

Scott adds some drum hits to the production and shows you how to creatively edit their velocities, as well as performs some overall tightening up of the drum track.


Scratchin Automation 10m:04s

Scott now automates the EXS24 sampler to create a more realistic Scratchin effect sound. He also demonstrates how to color tracks so they have a more organized look.


Vocal Automation Pt. 1 13m:02s

Watch Scott add some basic effects to the vocal track as well as automating them for a more polished sound.


Vocal Automation Pt. 2 9m:37s

Scott now fine-tunes the vocal effects and automation data, taking the vocal performance to the next level.


Vocal Flex 12m:18s

Scott now finishes off the vocal parts with some minor timing adjustments using Logic's powerful Flex Time features.


Piano Verse Effects 10m:33s

Scott gives the piano sound in the verse section a spooky, creepy sound to better fit the vibe of the verse.


Piano Effect Automation 3m:23s

See Scott use controller assignments to record automation in a 'live way' versus 'static automation' that will create a more dynamic effect.


Synth Adjustments 8m:38s

Explore how to beef up the Logic ES2 virtual synth by adding effects etc.


March Madness 5m:45s

Scott revisits the marching track and layers even more sounds in, creating a better working effect for the production.


Closing Time 3m:38s

Scott thanks you and signs-off, playing you the final production from beginning to end.

Scott Griggs

1. When did you start dabbling in music?

The earliest memory I have is when I was 7 years old - I got my first guitar. When I was 9 I got my first keyboard.

2. What training have you had?

Mostly self-trained; however, I was the drum major in high school (playing alto sax & drums/percussion), and majored in music for a short time.

3. When did you get into recording?

When I was around 10 years old I started to basic multi-tracking with my dual tape deck stereo. I would record a keyboard part; move that cassette into the other deck and do a playback while recording a new part into the "record" deck. Voila! Ghost tracks were something I hated back then!!

4. People you have worked with/for?

Let's see ... there was that fast food joint, the grocery store, the bolt company, the theater ...

5. Why are you so good at training people?

OK, how much did my mom pay you to say that I'm "good"? I guess it's because I try to have fun while showing folks what to do. If I get bored while making a video, I'm quite sure that the viewer will not be too stoked to watch it. I want people to feel like they could kick off their shoes, relax, and watch a video where they might learn something.

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