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Logic Drum Tips & Tricks

Are you just getting into working with drums in Logic? Well, Scott Griggs the Logic master will show you a bunch of awesome and useful tips and tricks when working with drums in Logic.

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Intro 0m:43s

Get a quick over-view of the topics which will be covered.


Using Grooves 4m:13s

See how to turn a Midi File into an Audio file for creative purposes, such as chopping, slicing, reverse, and using a glitch effect.


Using Loops Pt. 1 6m:21s

Learn how you can use loops to add some spice to an existing drum track. Also see how you can pull elements from a loop, for use in your track. Also see how you can add effects to a loop to create even more variations.


Using Loops Pt. 2 6m:40s

Discover how you can combine real audio with MIDI, and also learn how to create a new sampler track from an existing loop.


Snare Elements Pt. 1 7m:37s

Watch and learn how to add some flavor to your drum track by adding some creative effects to your Snare drum channel.


Snare Elements Pt. 2 3m:21s

Check out how you can add a reverse effect to your Snare channel creating even more movement to your drum track.


Drum Augmentation 5m:07s

See how you can go about stacking kits to get a more natural, and convincing drum tone for your production.


Drum Replacement Pt. 1 5m:41s

Learn how to make those small drum recordings sound big using a drum replacement technique, all within Logic.


Drum Replacement Pt. 2 7m:23s

See how to take a stereo drum file, and use the drum replacement technique with ToonTrack's Drumtracker.


Reverb & Feedback Technique 7m:01s

Explore how you can use these special techniques to fill a void or a gap in your drum production, making it larger and more robust.


Hyper Editor Pt. 1 10m:13s

Learn how to use the Hyper Editor within Logic, to create a complex shuffle style rhythm.


Hyper Editor Pt. 2 7m:52s

See how to create a polyrythmic groove utilizing the Hyper Editor with Logic.


Pitching the Kit 6m:40s

Watch and learn how you can pitch a kit piece to create your very own melody.


Loading Samples Pt. 1 5m:54s

See how to load kick and snare samples into the EXS24, so that you can create your own custom drum kit.


Loading Samples Pt. 2 2m:44s

Watch how you can load Hi-Hat samples into the EXS24, and how you can edit these samples for a more realistic playing experience.


Speaker Emulation 3m:49s

Explore the many ways you can liven up your drum track using speakers emulations. Also learn how to load your custom impulse responses into Space Designer for use in your drum track.


Rusty Gate 6m:11s

Using a gate on drums is nothing new, but it is a very important tool to be familiar with. In addition to learning the basic of gating your drum channels, sdiscover how to get creative with this tool.


Ol School Flavor 4m:44s

Watch how you can go about getting a nostalgic, old school sound from your existing drum kit.


Hard-ish Kick 8m:51s

With so many types of dance and electronic music out there, you'll need your kick sound to stand out from the rest. In this video, you'll see different ways to create your own hard-style kick sound from scratch.


Audio to Score 5m:53s

Discover how to transfer any existing audio to MIDI information. This allows you to use different drum kits, thus creating an entirely new sound.


Strip Silence 4m:26s

Get an idea of how you can use strip silence to eliminate unwanted ambient noises within your drum production, and see how you can use this function to help quantize any "out-of-time" drum recordings.


Multi-Channel EQ 5m:33s

See how easy it can be to add an EQ on each of your drum tracks, and also learn how you can use some of Logic's presets to get your drum track where you want it to be.

Scott Griggs

1. When did you start dabbling in music?

The earliest memory I have is when I was 7 years old - I got my first guitar. When I was 9 I got my first keyboard.

2. What training have you had?

Mostly self-trained; however, I was the drum major in high school (playing alto sax & drums/percussion), and majored in music for a short time.

3. When did you get into recording?

When I was around 10 years old I started to basic multi-tracking with my dual tape deck stereo. I would record a keyboard part; move that cassette into the other deck and do a playback while recording a new part into the "record" deck. Voila! Ghost tracks were something I hated back then!!

4. People you have worked with/for?

Let's see ... there was that fast food joint, the grocery store, the bolt company, the theater ...

5. Why are you so good at training people?

OK, how much did my mom pay you to say that I'm "good"? I guess it's because I try to have fun while showing folks what to do. If I get bored while making a video, I'm quite sure that the viewer will not be too stoked to watch it. I want people to feel like they could kick off their shoes, relax, and watch a video where they might learn something.

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