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Logic 9 Tips & Tricks

Coming straight from the swamps of Louisiana, “Logic Mad Man” Scott Griggs shows you cool Logic tips and tricks, techniques and ideas on how to do both common and creative things in Logic 9. If you’re new to Logic 9 or just want to be a Logic 9 master, this series is for you.

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Auto-Chop Socky 7m:23s

Think you can't auto-chop like those MPC users? Think again... This video will show you how to chop up a sample and import it into your EXS24 for use in your next masterpiece.


Automation Made Easy 13m:30s

Discover how to easily use automation inside Logic 9 and make your productions more creative and interesting.


Auto-Punch 8m:31s

Auto-Punch is the ultimate multi-tasking tool in Logic Pro 9. By utilizing its features, you'll be able to focus on your music rather than focusing on the record-in and out points.


Beat Mapping 12m:28s

Ever need to work on a project that wasn't recorded to a metronome or had a fluctuating tempo? Use Logic 9's powerful beat mapping to lock it all to the session's grid for easier editing and further production.


Custom Icons 3m:40s

See how to bring your own custom icons into Logic and personalize your Logic workspace.


Customizing a Kick 12m:27s

Need a good kick in a hurry? Learn how to customize a kick to make it yours, and then turn it into an Apple Loop for future use. It's quick and easy, and totally custom.


Delayed Fun 8m:08s

Get the lowdown on creatively automating a delay & filter sweep effect to the last bars of a region, instead of the whole song.


EZ Multi-Out 12m:07s

Explore setting up a multi-output software instrument in Logic 9 with a third party plug-in from ToonTrack, as well as Logic's Ultrabeat.


FlexTime Crash Course 18m:20s

Learn the basic functions needed work with Logic 9's awesome FlexTime. The steps are laid out simply and easily.


Fun with Arps 15m:59s

See how to create multiple Arpeggiators within the Logic Environment, and make your keyboard parts jump out and be noticed.


Fun with Time Stretching 6m:13s

Discover a few ways to conform your project to the tempo of an imported audio region, and how to easily conform an audio region to the tempo of your project.


Hyper Active Editor 13m:28s

Learn how to utilize your Hyper Editor in Logic 9 for lighting fast part creation and editing.


Old School Kick 7m:54s

See how to make a awesome electronic kick drum using Ultrabeat that sounds and feels like an old school hardware drum machine.


Parallel Compression 8m:11s

See different ways to mix a dry signal with an over-the-top compressed signal to achieve the classic Parallel Compression sound.


Scratching with The EXS24 10m:29s

Learn how to import a sample into the EXS24 and then manipulate those samples to create a D.J. Scratch type effect. Also, using Logic 9's new features, see how to import a sample and use Convert To Sampler to create the D.J. Scratch effect.


Stutter Effect 12m:06s

Discover a few different ways to achieve the classic stutter effect with your audio files.


T-Painful Vocal Effect 9m:38s

See how to use Logic 9's Pitch Correction plug-in to create an effect on vocals similar to those made famous by T-Pain.


Tape Stop Effect 7m:41s

See 2 ways of accomplishing the famous Tape Stop Effect. The first way utilizes the Pitch Shifter in Logic in addition to Automating the Tempo. The second way shows off one of Logic 9's new powerful tools.


Tuned Sub-Kick 8m:01s

Explore a quick and easy way to create your own tuned sub-kick for use in all types of music that will make your productions sound more professional and polished.


Zoom, Zoom, Zoom 6m:26s

Explore different ways to use the powerful and important zoom functions within Logic 9. These make navigating and working in Logic super fast.

Scott Griggs

1. When did you start dabbling in music?

The earliest memory I have is when I was 7 years old - I got my first guitar. When I was 9 I got my first keyboard.

2. What training have you had?

Mostly self-trained; however, I was the drum major in high school (playing alto sax & drums/percussion), and majored in music for a short time.

3. When did you get into recording?

When I was around 10 years old I started to basic multi-tracking with my dual tape deck stereo. I would record a keyboard part; move that cassette into the other deck and do a playback while recording a new part into the "record" deck. Voila! Ghost tracks were something I hated back then!!

4. People you have worked with/for?

Let's see ... there was that fast food joint, the grocery store, the bolt company, the theater ...

5. Why are you so good at training people?

OK, how much did my mom pay you to say that I'm "good"? I guess it's because I try to have fun while showing folks what to do. If I get bored while making a video, I'm quite sure that the viewer will not be too stoked to watch it. I want people to feel like they could kick off their shoes, relax, and watch a video where they might learn something.

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