Welcome to Shortee’s Complete DJ Method: CDJ Series!If you want to learn to DJ on CDJs and a DJ mixer, you are in the right spot! In this comprehensive series of courses, world-renowned DJ Shortee teaches you everything you need to know to become a pro DJ using CDJs and a mixer. From the equipment basics to advanced mixing techniques and everything in between, Shortee’s got you fully covered.

You’ll start off by learning everything about all the gear you need, its features and functions, and how to hook it all up. Shortee also goes over basic music theory; how to count beats, bars, phrases, and beats per minute (bpm); how to cue up your tracks; and how to combine the baby scratch, release scratch, and backspin in order to accurately drop on “the one” as well as how to drop using the cue controls on the CDJ.

Throughout this series, you’ll learn to

  • Master the essential techniques of beat matching and basic blending
  • Mix songs traditionally with actual CDs
  • Incorporate USB drives with music prepped in Rekordbox
  • Take things to the next level by converting your standard DJ setup into Digital Vinyl System (DVS) using software such as Serato DJ, Traktor Scratch Pro, and Rekordbox DJ
  • Use a variety of fader and EQ mixing techniques as well as trick mixing
  • Mix harmonically so that all your DJ sets are perfectly in key and use the power of harmonic mixing to create strategic key shifts and, as a result, control the energy on the dance floor like a pro
  • Organize your song library and create set lists
  • Use Shortee’s own exclusive shorthand coding system to either easily improvise on the fly with any genre or to create and remember intricately planned DJ trick sets
  • Understand the song structure of various genres
  • Mix between genres and create live mashups
  • Mix on more than two decks at a time
  • Apply effects, loops, hot cues, and samples to your live mixes
  • Utilize all the additional advanced features native to each DVS software platform, DJ mixer, and the CDJ itself
  • Record your mixes step by step, both live and in the studio
  • Prepare your mixes for promotional use
  • Use your CDJs to mix video and audio at the same time using the Serato Video plug-in

As with all the courses in Shortee’s Complete DJ Method, DJ Shortee thoroughly walks you through each piece of gear and DJ technique step by step, explaining every feature, function, and skill in detail. The lessons are taught in a clear way that is easy for anyone to understand and include practical examples that you can incorporate into your DJ sets. Want to become a Pro DJ? Learn from one!


In this video course, world-renowned DJ Shortee explains the basic music theory behind harmonic mixing and teaches you how to use all the features and functions of the Mixed In Key key detection software. Shortee thoroughly breaks down the Circle of Fifths in regard to DJing, how musical keys relate to each other, and how the Camelot Wheel relates to the Circle of Fifths. She also shows you how to use the Camelot Wheel system in various ways in order to mix your tracks harmonically while you are DJing. She goes on to teach you how to use Mixed In Key to detect the keys, bpms, and energy level of your tracks; set automatic and manual cue points; create tags and playlists; utilize the piano roll; and so much more. Every lesson is taught in a clear and concise way that is easy for anyone to understand.

In this video course, world-renowned DJ Shortee thoroughly walks you through Serato DJ software and all its essential features. You’ll learn to easily navigate the software, including how to create Crates and Smart Crates, import and analyze tracks, and create set lists.

In this massive video course, world-renowned DJ Shortee thoroughly walks you through the TRAKTOR Pro 2 and TRAKTOR Scratch Pro 2 software and all its essential features. You’ll learn to navigate the software, import tracks, create playlists, customize the entire platform to your liking and much more.

In this video tutorial course, world-renowned DJ Shortee shows you all the gear you need for a basic DJ setup using CDJs and a mixer. She explains how to assemble the equipment and how to integrate it with digital audio interfaces for both Serato and TRAKTOR DJ–related software platforms.

In this video course, world-renowned DJ Shortee thoroughly walks you through Pioneer DJ’s Rekordbox software and all its essential features. You’ll learn to create playlists and Intelligent Playlists, import and export tracks and playlists, and produce audition mixes on the fly.