Pensado’s Strive

The Strive curriculum series is the brainchild of online-television sensation Pensado’s Place and audio-publishing giant Hal Leonard. The series will feature authors who are considered best in class, relevant, and enormously committed to education and giving back.

We chose the name Strive because in order to attain all the key dynamics to growth in your life, you simply must strive!

The Strive series continues the Pensado ethos of edutainment, combining education with entertainment to teach, reach, amplify, inspire, and yes, to strive! Topics in the Strive series will range from vocal courses, management, tracking, mixing, social media, music theory for the electronic musician, miking, tracking, home recording, marketing, live instrumentation, speakers, headphones, live sound, cables, connectors, mastering, and more. Featured authors will include audio heavyweights like Usher’s New Look Foundation, rock legend Chris Lord-Alge, Nashville institution The Blackbird Academy, Dave Pensado, pop and urban maestro Tony Maserati, and Rihanna vocal producer Kuk Harrell. And there are many more all-stars to come!

Additionally, the Strive series will allow the user to engage with other Pensado’s Place opportunities, from bundling software like plug-ins, headphones, DAWs, or other gear options to also engaging with some of our most active platform partners like Converse Rubber Tracks and Indaba. The Strive curriculum series may make you eligible for one-on-one teaching with our superstar guests, VIP access at Pensado Live Events, discounts on gear, and more.

You want to know how the pros succeeded. It starts with learning how to strive!

Series and Products

The Blackbird Academy was started by recording and live sound engineer John McBride and his wife, country artist Martina McBride. They created Blackbird Studio in 2002, which has grown to be a top-production stop for recording artists like Kings of Leon, The Black Keys, Kid Rock, Tim McGraw, and many more.

Welcome to Recording Vocals with Dave Pensado, a full, in-depth course that provides viewers everything they need to know to take their vocals to the next level.

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Sampling Techniques for Modern Musicians

In Sampling Techniques for Modern Musicians, Yeuda Ben-Atar, also known as Side Brain, takes you into the always-innovative, often-revolutionary, sometimes-controversial world of this now-essential audio practice. From basic fundamentals to the broadest and most complicated questions, this course serves as a guided exploration, teaching you to create and employ your own samples along the way.