Homespun Music Instruction

Homespun Music Instruction provides lessons that are designed for learning players at all levels, from absolute beginners (including kids) to experienced professionals—and everyone in between.

Homespun has become known throughout the world for their high production level as well as for the superior quality of their instruction. The Homespun instructors are top-performing artists, experts in their field who enthusiastically share their years of experience with learning players. Homespun is devoted to teaching you how to make music on a wide variety of musical instruments, and have fun doing it! The lessons are informal, easy to use, and fun—the closest you will find to having a world-class musician teaching you personally in your living room. Each artist takes his or her music apart and shows you, in close-up detail, the techniques and musical ideas that have made them so successful.

Whether you are a "back porch picker" or have aspirations to play professionally, Homespun has lessons for you!


The five-string banjo is truly one of America’s gifts to the world and its ascendency from minstrelsy and slavery to today’s festivals, recordings, and concert halls is truly a remarkable story. Homespun has enlisted some of the undisputed masters of the instrument to teach clawhammer, bluegrass, new grass, and folk styles to learning players at all levels. There is no better way to achieve new levels and depth on your instrument than to learn from Homespun’s carefully taught, expert lessons.

The bass creates the pulse, the groove, the very foundation of a musical experience. Whether it’s the down-home beat of a bluegrass band or the bottom end of a jazz or rock band, the bass provides the heartbeat of the music. Homespun’s bass instructors are at the top of that game. While many of our lessons feature the upright, acoustic bass, we have some greats of the electric instrument teaching on Homespun as well. Each one is a master of the instrument and a solid, experienced instructor.

Homespun’s drum instructors have played in concert halls, road houses, top jazz and rock clubs and arenas. We have lessons for kids and beginners as well as instruction at the highest levels of the percussive arts, with jazz great Jack DeJohnette and blues/roots icon Levon Helm, among others. When you learn drumming from Homespun you’re truly learning from the best!

For nearly fifty years Homespun has enlisted some of the world’s great guitarists to teach acoustic and electric blues, bluegrass flatpicking, fingerpicking, and other traditional and contemporary styles. These professional players provide insights and knowledge into technique, repertoire, and the music theory that every learning musician needs to know. There is no better way to achieve new levels and depth on your instrument than to learn from Homespun’s carefully taught, expert lessons.

The mouth harp is a uniquely American version of a European invention. This littlest of instruments has been in the forefront of Americana music, whether leading blues and rock bands or playing cowboy songs in front of a campfire. In the right hands it can be quiet and mournful or it can play horn-like solos with the loudest of ensembles. Homespun’s master harpists, from the Lovin’ Spoonful’s John Sebastian to the Flecktone’s Howard Levy, have played on hit recordings and in world-class venues, and are among the best in the business.

The mandolin has become an instrument whose voice is heard most often in bluegrass bands, and many of its prime virtuoso players teach in that style for Homespun. The mandolin, though, has a strong place in traditional blues and old time music, and it has its origins in the classical music of Italy and other European countries. Homespun has lessons in all of these styles and techniques and they are taught by many of its leading players. When you learn from Homespun, you are getting instruction from true masters.

Homespun takes great pride in presenting materials that encourage learning players to become well-rounded musicians, regardless of genre, style or area they are trying to play. A number of our lessons concentrate on technique-building, practice techniques, ear training, rhythm development and other invaluable avenues for developing what we call “musicianship.” We strive to enhance your musical knowledge and all-around understanding of the music you are learning to play, and we have great instructors to help in that quest.

The piano is probably the world’s most widely played instrument, and for good reason. Its range and tonal possibilities are almost endless. Homespun specializes in traditional music, so its piano masters are among the greatest practitioners of blues, boogie boogie, jazz, gospel, stride, and New Orleans funk you can find anywhere. Our roster is second to none in these styles and our lessons, for players at all levels, have been used by learning pianists around the world.