Welcome to the Jungle
Songwriting Book

Welcome to the Jungle

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Author: Jim Klein

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Table of Contents

The 75 Percent Rule
The "career Train"
What Is Freelancing?
Why Listen To Me, Anyway?
Setting Goals and Planning for Success
Goals And Plans: Why You Need Both
Setting Goals
Welcome to the Jungle: the Geometry of Freelancing
You Are Not Special … Maybe
The Basic Skill Set
The Competition
There Is No Substitute For Personal Contact
Professional Organizations
Informal Organizations
Networking Electronically: The Internet And Social Media
Maintaining Your Web Networking
Building and Maintaining a Portfolio
Credit Where Credit Is Due
Résumé Or Credit List?
Start Your Collection
Your Portfolio
Time Management and Organization
Personal and Professional Finances
Smoothing Out the "ups and Downs"—royalties, Residuals, Rentals, and Partnerships
Looking Beyond The Hourly, Daily, And Per-Project Wage
Words of Wisdom
"nobody Takes Advice."
"You Can't Hit A Home Run Unless You Get Up To Bat."
"what Goes Around, Comes Around."
"the Four Career Stages Of A Freelancer:
"good, Cheap, Or Fast: Pick Two!"
"if You Can Meet With Triumph And Disaster And Treat Those Two Imposters Just The Same…"
"fair Treatment Is A Relative Concept."
"you Can't Learn Anything While You're Talking."
"in The Absence Of Clearly Defined Goals, We Become Strangely Loyal To Performing Daily Trivia Until Ultimately We Become Enslaved By It."
"at The End Of The Day, You Still Have To Live With Who You Are As A Person."
Howard Benson
Julie Slick
John Avarese
Brian Bricklin
David Cerullo
Kevin Killen
Jon Gordon

Thousands of people try to make it as freelancers in the music and audio industries. Most of them fail, and not because they lack talent or the will to succeed.

They fail because no matter how much training theyve received or how hard theyve practiced, they dont know how to face the challenges that await them in the real world. No matter how much technical or musical skill aspirants may have acquired, there is always a huge gap in their understanding of how that world works.

Do they understand how to behave in a professional environment? When to talk and when to listen? What about developing a personal work ethic, a support system, and a reasonable set of immediate and future plans to make goals into realities?

In his dual role as a successful music and audio freelancer of over 30 years and a tenured college professor, Jim Klein not only has the knowledge of what it takes to succeed as a freelancer in the competitive field of music and audio, but the understanding of exactly what the new aspirant needs to know to take on that world.

Klein has crafted his advice into a book that is detailed, complete, and easy to understand. Welcome to the Jungle includes chapters on setting goals, networking, building a portfolio, time management, personal and professional finances, and dealing with the ups and downs of the freelance career.

The book also includes interviews with successful music and audio freelancers, such as legendary producer Howard Benson (Kelly Clarkson, Santana, Daughtry), producer/engineer Kevin Killen (Peter Gabriel, U2, Elvis Costello), bassist Julie Slick, and others.

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