The Plain & Simple Guide to Music Publishing
Music Business Book

The Plain & Simple Guide to Music Publishing

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Author: Randall D. Wixen

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Table of Contents

Copyright Basics
Two Types Of Copyrights
Mechanical Royalties
Performance Royalties
Other Types Of Income
Songwriters And Publishers
Digging Deeper
The Value of Music
"this Is A Low-Budget Production"
"it Will Be Good Exposure"
A Foreign IDEa
Step This Way
Subjective Tense
Types of Publishing Deals
Ownership Vs. Administration
Work For Hire
360 Deals
The Final Solution
Beware The Jabberwock, My Son
Song Plugging
No Deal At All
I Have It Here Someplace
Mechanical Licenses
Compulsory Licenses
Compulsory License Requirements
Mechanical Licenses In The Real World
You're A Publisher AGaIN
Reduced Rate Licensing
Harry Who?
Oh! Canada!
Those Other Foreigners
Who Gets The Money?
Performance Income
How The System Works
Direct Licenses
Ok, So Where Does All The Money Go?
Getting In On The ACTIon
I Still Haven't Been Paid
What's On Tv?
Do They Monitor My Gym?
The Enforcer
My Performing Rights Society Is Better Than Yours
Film Factors
Half The World
Out-of-Context Uses
I Ain't Got No Money That I Can Depend On
There's Never Anything On Tv
Video Licenses
The Changing World
It Was Here A Second AGO
That's Bs! No, PBs
Those Foreigners Did What?
Least Favored Nations
What Does It All Mean Anyway?
Coming Back For More
A Few More Do's AND Don'ts
Confirmation Letters
Sundry Uses
That Song Sounds Familiar
Video Games
Foreign Translations
That's Not Fair—or Is It?
New Technologies
Uh, I'd Still Like My Money
There's Something Happening Here
New Compulsory And Statutory Uses
I Tube, We Tube, YOUTube
Que Sera Sera, Whatever Will Stream Will Stream
A Good Subpublisher
Let's Make A DEaL
An Experiment Gone Wrong
The Subpublisher Dinner Circuit
Cowriting and Copublishing
Back To Reality
Don't Bogart That Joint (Work)
Let's Make More Paper
Controlled Composition Clauses
A Controlled WHaT?
The Meter Is Running
Our Special Reducing Formula
Just In Case That Isn't Enough
Et Tu, Brute?
Wait, There's More!
Not Thinking That Far Ahead
Seen It All Before? Or Have You?
Can You Make It All Go Away?
More on Copyright
Hey Pa, What's This Form?
Wait, I Changed My Mind
The Corporation Wrote Your Song
I Feel Renewed
Transfers And Other Forms
Can You Help Me, Sr?
The Advantages Of Being Dead
The Advantages Of Being Foreign
Representation and Further Advice
You Get What You Pay For
My Lawyer Is A Sewer, Er, SUEr
A Boy NaMED Sue
Let Us Count This Day Our Daily Beans
Know What They Owe
Learn Me More
Protect The Song
Uncle Sam Wants You, And So Do ASCAP And Bmi
Scumbag Record Companies
Fourth Base
Appendix: Can You Do the Splits?

Since the publication of the first edition in 2005, The Plain and Simple Guide to Music Publishing has emerged as the premier guide to the subject.

With sufficient depth to be used as a text at major college music industry programs including UCLA, NYU and Northeastern, the book also remains simple and clear enough for the lay songwriter to gain a crucial understanding of musical copyrights and licensing basics.

To wit, the second edition garnered 33 customer reviews on Amazon.com, with a rating of 4.8 out of 5 possible stars. In this expanded and updated third edition, with a foreword by Tom Petty, the author adds greater depth to such increasingly important topics as the rapidly shifting industry paradigms, the growing importance of streaming and subscription models, a discussion of new compulsory license media, the impact of copyright terminations and reversions, updated advice on current license prices, as well as all the basics of copyright and rights.

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