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Desktop Mastering

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Author: Steve Turnidge

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Table of Contents

A Conceptual Overview of Desktop Mastering
Shoulders Of Giants—the Path To The Present
The External Mastering Chain
The Desktop Mastering Chain
Desktop Mastering Chain Functional Component Stages
The Bundle Of Functionality
The Listening Environment
Tuning The Ear
The Playback/listening Chain
Noise Colors
The Flattening Procedure
Room EQ
Monitor Speaker Types
Listening Levels
Visual Feedback
The Computer Working Environment
Digital Audio Concepts
Watches And Digital Audio
The Flipbook
Mixing for Mastering
Mixing Is Time Domain; Mastering Is Frequency Domain
The Sound Pyramid: Artistic Rules
Three Functional Rules
Should You Include Start And End Fades In Mixing?
Horror Stories
Multiple Versions
Name Your Files Logically
Do Things In The Right Order
File-Name Conventions
Preflight Checklist
Premaster Transport
The Mastering Process
Receiving The Premaster
Prepare For Mastering
The Start Noise
Generate A Default Plug-in Chain For The Project
The Desktop Mastering Chain
Get Them While They're Young: The Waves Lineq Lowband
Keep Them Quiet: Noise Reduction
Add A Dimension: The Waves S1 Stereo Imager
Leveraging The Chain
Get A Room: Reverb
Stop The Sibilance: The Waves Renaissance Deesser
Balance And Strengthen: The Waves C4 Multiband Parametric Processor
Make Everything More: The Waves L3 Ultramaximizer
Watch What You're Doing: The Waves Paz Analyzer
Postmastering Processes
Cleanup: Tops And Tails
The Human Lens
Mastered File Management And Delivery
Sequencing and Production Master Cds
Isrc Codes
Sequencing Workflow
Real World Mastering Applications
Options And Opportunities
Seattle Fireworks Audio
Your Client And Opportunity Bases Are Infinite
Mastering as a Business
The Business Bundle Of Functionality
The Talent Tarot
The Social Graph
Planning Ahead And Goal Setting
Fundamentals of Audio
The Ocean Of Air
The Waveform Explained
Units Of Measurement: The Decibel (Db)
Characteristics Of A Wave
An Introduction to Electricity and Electronics
Electronic Components
Signal Processor Families
Major Components
Multidimensional Vision
Audio Taxonomy: a Glossary of Subtle Terms
Ultraviolet Studios Discography
Desktop Mastering Companion DVD-ROM
The Start Noise
Watching The Videos
The Wave Files

Mastering your music is like mastering your life. It's amazing what happens when you clean up the noise, maximize your good work, and have your music sparkle and shine as you really want it to.

Desktop Mastering is a conceptual guide, intertwining a broad range of knowledge regarding audio engineering principles and practical applications for those wishing to enhance their own as well as their clients' work.

In addition to providing a step-by-step in-depth survey of a successful mastering plug-in chain, Desktop Mastering covers real-world practical applications, the fundamentals of audio and electronics.

Also included is a personal guide to the business of mastering, leveraging emerging social networks for positive personal and business results.

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