Business Basics for Musicians
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Business Basics for Musicians

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Author: Bobby Borg

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Table of Contents

Praise for Business Basics for Musicians
Pursuing a Career in the New Music Industry
Tip #1: Realize Your Dreams By Visualizing Them First
Tip #2: Analyze Your Career Motivations
Tip #3: Develop A Realistic Outlook By Ignoring The Media Hype
Tip #4: Be Ready To Pay Your Dues, But Use Your Head
Tip #5: Expect The Worst To Happen So That The Worst Won't Seem So Bad
Tip #6: Let Go Of Your Fears And Learn How To Go For It
Tip #7: Form Solid Connections In The "clique Of The Future"
Tip #8: Nurture New Opportunities While You're Already On The Job
Tip #9: Climb Through Back Windows When Front Doors Aren't Opening
Tip #10: Create Your Own Destiny By Being Proactive
Tip #11: Adapt To Change By Diversifying Yourself Now
Tip #12: Be Practical About Money By Keeping It And Making It Grow
Tip #13: Maintain Control In The Face Of Drugs And Alcohol
Tip #14: Remember That Finding Your Passion Is A Blessing Within Itself
Tip #15: Hang On To The Basics
Q&a With Success Coach And Pr Expert Michael Levine
Band Membership, Part 1
How And Where To Look For Musicians
Criteria For Choosing Band Members
The Day-to-Day Operating Rules Of The Band
Band Membership, Part 2
Band Membership Agreements
Q&a With Attorney Jeff Cohen
Contract Employment or Self-Employment, Part 1
Getting The Gig: How To Be A "working" Musician
Seeking Fair Treatment And Guidance Via The Afm
Seeking Fair Treatment And Guidance Via Sag-Aftra
Contract Employment or Self-Employment, Part 2
Working For Employers With Limited Budgets
Working For Employers With Larger Budgets
Working For Employers Who Offer A Salary And Percentages
Contract Employment or Self-Employment, Part 3
Understanding Your Taxes: Uncle Sam's Cut
Workers' Compensation Insurance
The Irs: Qualifications For Employment
Solo Artist and Employer
The Advantages Of Going Solo
The Disadvantages Of Going Solo
Leaving Member Clauses: The Record Company's Rights To Solo Artists
The Business And Legal Responsibilities Of Solo Artists
Q&a With Dj Entrepreneur Justin Paul
Entertainment Attorneys
The Role Of An Attorney In Your Career
Hiring Your Attorney
Attorney Fee Structures
A Conflict Of Interest
Changing Your Legal Representation
Personal Managers
The Role Of A Personal Manager In Your Career
Management Options
Management Agreements
Business Managers
The Role Of A Business Manager In Your Career
Hiring Your Business Manager
Important Terms Of Your Agreement
Talent Agents
The Role Of An Agent In Your Career
Hiring Your Agent
Terms Of The Agreement
Record Producers
The Role Of A Record Producer In Your Career
When And How A Producer May First Get Involved
Additional Responsibilities Of The Record Producer
Hiring A Record Producer
The Record Producer's Compensation Structure
Making and Selling Records, Part 1
Do-It-Yourself Recording Companies
Independent Labels
Production Companies
Major Labels
Making and Selling Records, Part 2
Issue #1: Who Is The Label?
Issue #2: How Much Will I Get To Make My Record?
Issue #3: Can I Make The Record I Want To Make?
Issue #4: How Do I Know They'll Release My Record?
Issue #5: Will I Get Guaranteed Marketing Support?
Issue #6: Do I Have A Say In How The Masters Will Be Exploited?
Issue #7: Artist Royalties: Will I Ever Make Money From The Label?
Issue #8: Controlled Composition Clauses
Issue #9: 360 Rights In Deals
Issue #10: How Many Records And For How Long Is The Deal?
Issue #11: Can I Record Other Projects?
Issue #12: Everything Else Artists Should Be Concerned About
Issue #13: What Does The Label Of The Future Look Like?
Music Publishing, Part 1
Copyright: Definition, Formation, And Benefit
Copyright And Work Made For Hire
Copyright And Joint Works
Compulsory Licensing For Records
Duration Of Copyright
Music Publishing, Part 2
Copyright Registration
The Copyright Notice
Copyright Infringement
More On Copyright: Sound Recordings Are Copyrights, Too
Q&a With Attorney Steve Winogradsky
Music Publishing, Part 3
Shares Of The Publishing Pie
Types Of Publishing Income
Mechanical Royalties
Performance Royalties
Print Royalties
Music Publishing, Part 4
Synchronization Fees
Electronic Transmissions: Downloads, Streams, And More
Foreign Sub-Publishing Income
Music Publishing, Part 5
What Established Music Publishers Can Do For Your Career
Types Of Publishing Deals
Q&a With Music Publisher Neil Gillis
Music Publishing, Part 6
Six Steps To Starting Your Own Publishing Company
Live Performing and Touring, Part 1
When And Why To Perform Live And Tour
How And Where To Get Gigs: 9 Tips To Consider
Q&a With Tour Manager Chris Arnstein
Live Performing and Touring, Part 2
How You're Paid For Live Performance Deals
How Live Performance Deals Are Negotiated
Live Performance Contracts And Riders
Merchandising, Part 1
Merchandising Rights
Grants Of Rights
Merchandising Companies
Types Of Merchandising Deals
Merchandising, Part 2
Key Touring Terms In Merchandising Contracts
Merchandising, Part 3
Key Retail Terms In Merchandising Contracts
Q&a With Independent Merchandiser Bob Fierro
The Music Business 2020
Copyright Laws: Making Way For New Trends In Music
Fair Compensation For Creators
Success That's Earned On Your Own: Diy Style
Affordable Diy Services That Capture New Revenue Streams
Success Will Be Driven By Touring And Merch
The Concert Business Will Be Shaped, But Never Replaced
Business Skills Are Paramount In A Fast-Paced And High-Tech World
Shifting Demographics Mainstreamed
More Automated And Sophisticated Marketing Everywhere
Extended Product Lines And Stronger Brands
"captured" Musical Performances, Not "manufactured"
A Focus On Exciting Music—not The Latest Technical Trends
Opportunity For Smart Entrepreneurs, Not For Artists
The Industry's Salvation: Memorable Song Melodies
Chapter Review and Discussion Questions
Chapter Activity Assignments

There has never been a greater need for musicians to understand the music business than now, when emerging technologies make it possible for artists to act as their own record labels, and new contracts are structured to grab the biggest slice of an artist's revenue pie.

But in a digital age overflowing with confusing and ever-changing information, musicians need trusted business advice from a veteran artist who can break down the basics in a language they understand.

Written by a professional musician for other musicians, Business Basics for Musicians is the layperson's guide to the music industry. In a conversational tone and an easy-to-scan format, it simplifies five vital areas in which musicians need to succeed: Career Execution, Business Relationships, Pro Teams, Deals and Dollars, and Future Predictions. Everything from copyright to record deals, managers, merchandising, and doing it yourself is covered.

With interviews, anecdotes, and review quizzes, this must-have manual will help artists master business essentials quickly so they can get back to doing what they love best – creating music.

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