Beyond Mastering
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Beyond Mastering

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Author: Steve Turnidge

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Table of Contents

Mastering Concepts
Parallax And Underlying Concepts For Context
Universal Truths And Identifying Repeating Patterns
Mastering In And Out Of The Box
The Threefold Nature Is A Template For Universal Truth
A Survey Of Threefold Natures
The Waveform
The Sine Wave
DC Offset
The Emotional Transform
Digital Audio
The Joy Of Binary Counting
Sample Values And Resolution
Slew Rate
Multitrack Versus Mono Reaction To Stimuli And The Action Threshold
Audio Mastering Stages
The Stages Of Music Production And Distribution Are Like Baking A Pie
Why Not Just Normalize?
Preparation For Mastering
Add The Start Noise
Listening To The Track The First Time Through
Understanding Equal-Loudness Contours
Premaster Levels
Clean Up The Bottom End
Mastering Steps
Quantization And Dither
Noise Shaping
First Step: Line Up The Tracks
The A&R Scan
Working With Other People
A Tale Of A Challenging Client
Becoming A Verb
Studio (and Life) Etiquette
Listening For Work
Getting Paid
The Fibonacci Leap
The Talent Tarot As A Resume
Working With Groups
Northwest Cyberartists
Mmta (the Mostly Modular Trade Association)
Distribution and Beyond
Speak Into The Microphone, Not The Loudspeaker
Agricultural Time Frames
The Sink And The Stopper
Music Distribution: The Rise And Fall Of Shared Media Licensing
Burning Sky Records And The "ask Box"
Project Bar-B-Q
Personal History
My Early Years
Rane Corporation
Pavo And Digital Harmony
The Audio Class
What Is Mastering?
Chuckie-Boy Records
Moving Forward
Making A Change: The Rut
The Treasure Box
Plato's Cave
Gravity Wells
The Three Stages Of Entering Gravity Wells
Accept Reality, Choose Independence, Take Action (Act)
A Deck Of Cards
The Collapse Theory
Physics and Philosophy
Four Dimensions
Visualizing Four Dimensions
A. Square, Flip-Book Character
Paper Trails
The Life Circle
The Speed Of Light
The Long Universe
Driving The Long Body
The Present Moment
Reality Surfing
How To Surf
Motion And Attention
Thoughts On Dimensional Expansion
A Can Of Worms
The End Of Time
Future Echoes
Discovering Your Heart's Desire
Template Visions and Dreams
Lucid Dreaming And The Big Room
The Smart Bomb
The Chaser And The Chased
Whiter Than White
The Arc Of A Dream
My Awakening Experience
Universal Truth And Metaphors
The Cauldron
The Eye
The Ship of Fools and Your Internal Ecosystem
The Observer
The Body
The Memory Mansion And Unrealized Assets
The Candle In The Head
The Pencil Your Life Is Written With
The Parable Of The Carriage
The Leadership Pyramid
The Singularity
The Social-Digital Ecosystem and the Emerging Global Consciousness
Practical Personal Enhancement
The Talent Pool And The Ocean Of Data
Solid State To Liquid State
The New Normal
The New Body And The Emerging Global Consciousness
Practical Social Networking Tips
The Helical Nature of Time
Definition of Terms
Recommended Reading

In his first book, Desktop Mastering, Steve Turnidge unveiled his unique approach to mastering in the box, all the while providing glimpses of his mind-set and resulting workflow.

Now, in Beyond Mastering, Turnidge pulls back the veil to give a tour of the physics and philosophy driving the mastering engineer, and the internal state required for happiness and success.

By definition, universal truths can be expressed in any medium. In this book, these truths are revealed through the art of mastering, building on the step-by-step methods explained in Desktop Mastering, related in well-developed metaphor and analogy.

Beyond Mastering is full of guiding principles gained from Turnidge's more than 25 years at the forefront of art and technology.

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