Writer. Producer. Engineer. - A Handbook for Creating Contemporary Commercial Music
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Writer. Producer. Engineer. - A Handbook for Creating Contemporary Commercial Music

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Author: Michael Farquharson

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Table of Contents

Introduction Writer, Producer, and Engineer
Chapter 1 Business Strategy for Writers
Components Of An Effective Strategy
Formal Business Plans
Chapter 2 Opportunities for Writing Music
Television Programs
Sound Design And Other Special Applications
Commercial Music Libraries
Chapter 3 Finding Work
Your Identity
Creating A Promo Kit
Marketing Collaborators
Communicating With Clients
Chapter 4 Getting Paid
Negotiating Payment
Budgeting For Jobs
Creating Contracts
Getting And Protecting Your Copyrights
Chapter 5 Being Your Own Producer
Producing The "perfect" Track
Ensuring Perfect Tracks Through People Skills
Preparing For The Recording Session
Maintaining Control As The Producer
Chapter 6 Working With Musicians
Preparing For Live Musicians At The Session
Effective Communication During The Session
Producing The Vocal Track
Chapter 7. Anatomy of a Writing Gig
1. Groundwork
2. Call For Demos
3. Negotiating A CONTRaCT
4. Delivery/revision
5. Collecting Payment
Writing For The Client
Honing Your Compositional Skills
Chapter 8 Recording Studios
The Recording Process
Studio Spaces
Home Studios
Chapter 9 Tracking and Microphone Technique
Engineering Checklist
Microphone Techniques
General Microphone Tips
Getting Sounds
The Recording Phase
Chapter 10 Composing With Midi
Using Midi
Combining Midi/audio And Live Instruments
Composition Methods
Chapter 11 Mixing
Balance And Panning
Types Of Sound Modifiers
Reference Recordings
Engineering Your Soundscape: Hearing In Three Dimensions
Ten Mixing Tips
Chapter 12 Sound Processing
Sound-Processing Equipment: Hardware And Software
Ambient Effects
Dynamic Effects
Equalization (EQ)
Psychoacoustic Effects
Pitch-Based Effects
Chapter 13 Selecting Equipment
Recording Devices: Multitracking
Analog/digital Converters
2-Track Machines
Amplifiers And Loudspeakers
Headphones, Direct Boxes, Cables, Splitter Boxes, Video Monitors

Writers of commercial music are more in demand than ever before. The rules have changed in the past decade, and the contemporary writer needs a multifaceted skillset in order to succeed in business. This book will help you master the three roles of the new job: writer, producer, and engineer. You will learn to set up a profitable business model for creating commercial music, providing your clients with music that fits their needs and budget, at today's quality standards. Whether your interest is in producing music for jingles, film scores, videogames, corporate presentations, or other commercial areas, this book will reveal how to set up shop, find work, and create music at today's demanding professional standards.

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