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Author: Steve Vai

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Table of Contents

Intellectual Understanding Vs. Experiential Knowing
Notes on the Neck (Academic Study)
Enharmonic Tones
Notes on the Neck (Experiential Study)
Listen Intensely
Notes (Advanced)
Advanced Note Recognition
Scales (Academic Study)
Compound Intervals
Scales (Experiential Study)
Advanced Intervals (Experiential Study)
Scales Continued (Academic Study)
The Minor Scale
Pentatonic Scale
Blues Scale
Practicing Scales
Exploring The Neck
Whole-Neck Awareness In G Blues
Make Every Note Work, Somehow
Key Signatures and the Circle of 5ths
Relative Major And Minor Keys
Notes on Manuscript (Academic Study)
Grand Staff
Clefs (Advanced)
Percussion Clef
Transposing Instruments
Guitar Transposition
Musical Notes
Chords (Academic Study)
Chords (Experiential Study)
Chord Spelling (Academic Study)
Chord Spelling Library
Chord Spelling (Advanced Study)
Close Voicing
Open Voicing
Chord Inversions
Chords (Experiential Study Continued)
Writing Music (Academic Study)
Polyrhythms (Advanced)
Tuplet Terminology
Polyrhythms (Experiential Study)
Time Signatures (Academic)
Common Time: 4/4 Meter
Waltz Time: 3/4 Meter
March Time: 2/4 Meter
Duple, Triple, Quadruple, Simple, And Compound Meter
Complex (Odd) Time Signatures
Time Signatures (Advanced)
Composite Meter
Poly-Meter (or Poly-Metric)
Guitar Tablature
Guitar Tab Articulation and Ornamentation
Composing Music
Tempo Alterations
Tempo And Metric Modulations
Repetition Signs
Composing Music Continued
Octave Sign
Guitar Harmonics
Natural Harmonics
Artificial Harmonics
Reading Guitar Rhythm
Rhythm (Experiential Study)
The Groove
Chord Scales (Academic Study)
Chord Substitutions
Modes (Academic Study)
Modal Progressions
Ionian Mode (Major Scale): First Mode Of The Major Scale
Dorian Mode: Second Mode Of The Major Scale
Phrygian Mode: Third Mode Of The Major Scale
Lydian Mode: Fourth Mode Of The Major Scale
Mixolydian Mode: Fifth Mode Of The Major Scale
Aeolian Mode: Sixth Mode Of The Major Scale
Locrian Mode: Seventh Mode Of The Major Scale
Additional Chord Tensions
Other Scales
Harmonic Minor Scale
Melodic Minor Scale
Melodic Minor Modes
Diminished Scale
Altered Scale

Named Guardians of Guitar 2019 NAMM top pick! Experience must-know music knowledge and wisdom through the highly focused lens of legendary guitar virtuoso Steve Vai. This full-color instructional book written by Vai himself features in-depth discussions of the music theory fundamentals that every aspiring (and veteran) guitar player should know, packed with practical exercises, diagrams, tips, inspiring ideas and concepts, practice methods, and ways of looking at music that you may have never considered.

Topics covered include: academic vs. experiential learning * reading and writing music * key signatures * chord scales * rhythm basics * guitar harmonics * modes * and much more. This beautiful book is full-color throughout and features artwork on every page by Vai!

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