The Songwriter's Workshop: Harmony
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The Songwriter's Workshop: Harmony

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Author: Jimmy Kachulis

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Table of Contents

The Songwriter's Workshop: Harmony
Generating A Groove
A. Parts Of A Groove
LESSON 1: Creating A Groove
B. Building A Song Section
LESSON 2: Developing A Groove
Unit II
Chord Colors And Lyric Stories
A. Four Chord Colors
LESSON 3: Major Chord Color
LESSON 4: Minor Chord COlor
LESSON 5: Power Chord Color
LESSON 6: Seventh Chord Color
B. Varying Chord Colors
LESSON 7: Variations Of Chord Colors
LESSON 8: Alternating Variations
Unit III
Colors Of Keys
A. Five Common Key Colors
LESSON 9: Major Key Color
LESSON 10: Minor Key Color
LESSON 11: Mixolydian Key Color
LESSON 12: Dorian Key Color
LESSON 13: Blues Key Color
LESSON 14: Colors Outside The Key
B. Songs From Progressions
LESSON 15: Repetition
LESSON 16: Contrasting Sections
Unit IV
Power Progressions
A. Power Progressions In The Five Key Colors
LESSON 17: Major-Key Power Progressions
LESSON 18: Minor-Key Power Progressions
LESSON 19: Mixolydian-Key Power Progressions
LESSON 20: Dorian-Key Power Progressions
LESSON 21: Blues-Key Power Progressions
B. Building Song Sections
LESSON 22: One Section, Two Progressions
LESSON 23: Two Sections, Two Progressions
Unit V
Rhythm Variations Of Progressions
A. Rhythm Variations Of Progressions
LESSON 24: Progression Length
LESSON 25: Chord Rhythm
LESSON 26: Chord Order
B. Building Song Sections
LESSON 27: Rhythmic Contrast: Two Sections From One Progression
LESSON 28: Two Sections, Two Progressions
LESSON 29: A Contrasting Prechorus
Unit VI
Pitch Variations Of Progressions
A. Pitch Variations Of Progressions
LESSON 30: Subtract Chords
LESSON 31: Add Chords
LESSON 32: Replace Chords
LESSON 33: Add A Pedal
B. Building Song Sections
LESSON 34: Pitch Contrast: Two Sections From One Progression
LESSON 35: Three Contrasting Sections From One Progression
Unit VII
Harmony And Melody
A. Harmonizing Melody Notes
LESSON 36: Coloring A Word
LESSON 37: Coloring A Phrase
B. Building Sections
LESSON 38: Coloring A Lyric Section
Home And Away
A. Harmonic Journeys
LESSON 39: Full Cadences
LESSON 40: Half Cadences
LESSON 41: Deceptive Cadences
LESSON 42: Plagal Cadences
LESSON 43: Mixed Cadences
B. Building Song Sections
LESSON 44: Verse/Refrain: Home/Away/Home
LESSON 45: Verse: Home/Away
LESSON 46: Building A Chorus With A Cadence
LESSON 47: Building A Bridge: Away/Away
LESSON 48: Connecting Sections With Cadences
Unit IX
A. Ways Of Changing Keys
LESSON 49: Parallel-Key Modulation
LESSON 50: Relative-Key Modulation
LESSON 51: Surprising-Key Modulation
B. Modulation In Songs
LESSON 52: Modulation Within A Section
LESSON 53: Modulation Between Sections
Major Keys
Minor Keys
Mixolydian Keys
Dorian Keys
Blues Keys
What's Next?
About the Author

In this digital book, learn the fundamental techniques behind today's hit songs, with easy-to-follow exercises so you can immediately apply these tools to your own songs. Quit wrestling with writer's block, and learn to make the songwriting process easy, fun, and intuitive. 


Author Jimmy Kachulis covers a variety of topics, including: colors of chords and keys, chord embellishments and progressions to enrich your palette of colors, dozens of ways to modify your harmonies and progressions, the most common chord progressions used in hit songs, and more. 


As a bonus you can even practice your songs with an accompaniment using the embedded digital book audio!


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