The Singer-Songwriter's Guide to Recording in the Home Studio
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The Singer-Songwriter's Guide to Recording in the Home Studio

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Author: Shane Adams

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Table of Contents

The Modern Songwriter's Studio
Home Studio Setup and Gear
Recording Software: Digital Audio Workstations
Audio Interface
The Room
Minor Gear
Microphone Stands
Pop Filters
Mic Pads
Direct Injection Boxes
Electricity Control
The Recording Process
Using Your Home Studio
Set Up And Go!
Creating A Mixdown
Troubleshooting Your Audio Setup
Stages Of Recording
Tracking Strategies
The Home-Studio Production Mindset
Recording Live Players
Setting Up A Tracking Session
Types Of Microphones
Auditioning Microphones
Recording Vocals
Recording Guitar
Recording Keyboards
Recording Drums
Recording Other Acoustic Instruments
Know Your Room
Daw Session Management
Recording Templates
Click Tracks
Take Sheet
Headphone Mixes
Track Documentation
Keyboard Shortcuts
Midi and Virtual Instruments
Midi Loops
Real-Time Vs. Step-Time Recording
Buying Midi Files
Virtual Instrument Setup
Midi Hardware
Synthesizers And Samplers
Using Loops in the Creative Songwriting Process
Midi Loops
Audio Drum Loops
Where To Find Loops
Working With Loops
Auditioning Loops
Layering Loops
Other Loop Generators
A Final Thought About Loops
Cutting And Pasting Tracks
Volume Automation
Comping Tracks
Track Documentation
Editing Stray Sounds
Pitch Correction
Fixing Timing
Adding Plug-Ins
Depth Of Field
Grouping Tracks
Order Of Events
Localized Adjustments
Reference Tracks
Final Steps: Mastering and More
Tools Of Mastering
EQ And Compression
Mastering Software
Mastering Speakers
Song Order
Hiring A Mastering Engineer
About Author

Record songs in your own home studio! Today's smart singer-songwriter needs to be able to record high quality demo recordings. Whatever your budget, living arrangement, or technological aptitude, this book will help you acquire songwriter-appropriate home studio gear and use it effectively. You will understand the key concepts about how the recording process works, and how to get the best sound possible out of whatever equipment you own and whatever style of music you produce. This book makes recording easy – so you can spend your efforts thinking about creative songwriting and performing, rather than struggling with technology.

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