The Private Guitar Studio Handbook - Strategies and Policies for a Profitable Music Business
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The Private Guitar Studio Handbook - Strategies and Policies for a Profitable Music Business

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Author: Mike McAdam

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Table of Contents

My Story
Starting Your Studio
The Stability Of A Teaching Business
Can You Make A Living Teaching?
Teaching At Home Vs. At A Dedicated Commercial Studio
Advantages Of A Home Studio
Disadvantages Of A Home Studio
Advantages Of A Commercial Space
Disadvantages Of A Commercial Space
Providing In-Home Lessons
Teaching In A Music Store
What Do I Recommend?
Setting Up Your Business
Pricing Strategy
Naming Your Studio
Setting Up Bank Accounts
Online Accounting Programs
Incorporating Your Business
Setting Up Your Work Space
Software/apps/technologies That Enhance Lessons
In Your Common/waiting Area
Setting Your Policies
Developing Policies
Payment Policy
Our Auto-Pay Sheet
Payment Gateways
Tracking Who Has Paid
Makeup Lesson Policy
Discontinuing Lessons
Marketing Materials
Business Goals
Trading Services
Marketing Materials To Get Started
Craigslist Ad
Business Cards
Questions That Must Be Answered On Your Site
Other Important Items To Include
Information Not To Include On Your Site
Website Just For Teaching
Proofread, And Then Proofread Again
Getting A Mobile Site
How They Find You: Seo
Local Online Listings
Pay-Per-Click Ads
Google Analytics
Social Media
Turning Inquiries Into Students
Return All Phone Calls!
Phone Lines
Developing Sales Skills
Age Brackets
Students Just Getting Ready For Auditions
Remnant Students
Do You Offer Discounts?
Free First Lessons
Offering Available Times
Teachers Missing Lessons
Peak Times For Teaching
Teaching Multiple Students Simultaneously
Tracking Appointments
Scheduling Breaks
Switching Lesson Times
Summertime Music Lessons
Observations and Suggestions for Teaching Guitar
Organizing The Lesson
Posture And Holding The Guitar
Teacher As Psychologist
Fashion Tips
Letting Students Pick Their Own Music
Tab Vs. Notation
Decoding Music
Switching Chords And Other Beginner Guitarist's Nightmares
Barre Chords
Working With Rhythmically Challenged Students
Buying Advice For Beginner Instruments
Acoustic Guitars
Electric Guitars
Intermediate Guitars
Where To Buy Guitars
Affiliate Selling
What About Amps?
Assessing Beginner Students' Instruments
Dealing With Difficult Students And Parents
Getting Students To Practice
Retaining Students
Sports: The Enemy
Common Injuries
Other Student Injuries
When Students Leave
Getting to the Next Level
Building From Within
Longer Lesson Times
Selling Accessories
Selling Gift Certificates
Raising Tuition
Helping Kids Get Into College
Building From The Outside
Using Local Colleges
What About Public Schools?
Newspaper Ads
Partner With Other Businesses
Brand Advertising
What Type Of Advertising Do You Like?
Payback Of Advertising
Offering Online Lessons
Youtube And The Free Society
You Are In Competition With Everyone Else
Deeper Inside the Business
Budgeting Your Time
Business Insurance And Why You Need It
Paying Taxes
The Write-Off Myth
Budgeting Your Money: You Don't Need Everything Now!
Financing With Credit Cards
Hsa Accounts And Providing Your Own Health Insurance
Moving on up: Commercial Space Considerations
Leasing A Commercial Space
The Space Itself: The Lease
Strategies For Negotiation
What To Look For In A Commercial Space
The Best Things In Life Are Free …mostly
Suggested Reading
Recommended Teaching Books
On Running A Private Lessons Studio
General Business
Commercial Real Estate
Wealth Building
About the Author

Teach guitar for profit! This book will show you how to set up and develop a profitable guitar studio. Besides the ability to teach guitar, running a profitable studio needs effective systems for attracting and retaining students, ensuring that they pay on time, and smoothly handling operations issues. This book will show you the essential considerations, from choosing a space (residential or commercial), to marketing, to specific teaching aids.

You will learn to:

• Develop and outfit an efficient studio

• Set policies to get timely payments and encourage student retention

• Attract students who are likely to remain long-term

• Develop an authentic teaching approach customized to your own students

• Find multiple revenue streams from your students, beyond lessons

• Avoid common expensive mistakes

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