The Pensado Papers
Documentary Book

The Pensado Papers

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Authors: Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick

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Table of Contents

Dave Pensado's Acknowledgments
Herb Trawick's Acknowledgments
Island (Hip) Hopping
Go West, Young Mullet
Influences And Inspirations: Starting In The South
Learning By Doing
The Cycle
Niceness Matters
Making Decisions
The Last Intersection Before Commerce
The Salon
The HardDrive Ethos
Trust Is A Two-Way Street
The Engineer's Chair
In The Mix
What I Teach Assistants
Setting Expectations
Adjusting The HardDrive
Into The Lair, Number 70: Five Things That Inspire Me To Mix
Breaking the Magician's Code
The Engineer As Magician
Making Artists Comfortable
Who You Are Is Part Of The Process
The Random Element
Into The Lair, Number 72: Creating A Human Feel With Digital Tracks
Home Plate
Learning To Mix
On To The Enterprise
The Mecca Theory
The Griot Theory
Having A Sound
Bringing The Assistant Along
Riding The Internet Tiger: The Thread To Pensado's Place
Into The Lair, Number 54: The Top 10 Mix Mistakes
Don't Call It a Comeback!
Pensado's Angels
We're Catching On!
If You Want To Do Something, Make It As Good As You Possibly Can
Bringing Audio To The World
It's Really Happening!
Shining A Light On The Profession
Into The Lair, Number 73: Creating Vintage Vocal Delay Efx Tricks
Dave the Philosopher
The Golden Rectangle
Directing The Ear
Commercial Value And Van Gogh
Other Sources Of Inspiration
What People Pay Me For
Who Wants To Listen To This Record?
Another Philosophy
Music With Purpose
We're at the Place: Pensado's Place!
How It Begins
Tuesday Night; Wednesday Morning
Preparing For Airtime; Switching Hats
The Flow
We're Live!
Post-Show Postmortem
Edit And Post
Gifts From the Gods
Al Schmitt
Jack Joseph Puig
Justin Niebank
Manny Marroquin
Greg Wells
Chris Lord-Alge
Tom Elmhirst
Michael Brauer
Dylan Dresdow
Jaycen Joshua
Jimmy Douglass
Jason Suecof
Tony Maserati
Rodney Jerkins
Derek Ali

On his top-rated YouTube show, Pensado's Place, first-call mixing engineer Dave Pensado (Beyonce, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Mariah Carey, Elton John, Michael Jackson, and more!) discusses a never-ending stream of important music and audio recording topics.

While sharing the importance of relentless perseverance and tenacity in the pursuit of success in the world of recording studios and music producers, The Pensado Papers is also a story of incredible, almost unbelievable redemption. See from behind the scenes, the journey that Dave Pensado has shared with his manager and best friend, Herb Trawick, all the way from death's door to platinum records to Internet sensation!

In this book you'll discover unique insights into the engineering regime of a recording genius, a creative philosophy that results in achievement and success, examples of Dave and Herb's powerful and inspirational friendship, amazing teachings from guests on Pensado's Place, and above all, fun!

This is an incredible collection of techniques, tips, and truths about audio recording presented on a platform of trust, perseverance, behind-the-scenes insights, and humor.

While retaining technical insights and educational value, Maureen Droney - editor and long-time friend to Dave and Herb - has skilfully captured the likeability, wisdom, and charm that millions of viewers have grown to love about this incredible duo.

These are The Pensado Papers.

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