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The New Music Therapist's Handbook - Third Edition

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Author: Suzanne B. Hanser

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Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: A Context for Music Therapy
Companions On The Journey To Wellness
Integrating Music Therapy Into Healthcare
Music Therapy Definitions
Cultural Humility
Music Therapy Applications
Music Therapy For Infants
Music Therapy For Children
Music Therapy With Adults
Music Therapy With Older Adults
Music Therapy At The End Of Life
Music Therapy For All Abilities
Access To Music Therapy In The Schools
The Inner Workings Of Music Therapy
Challenges To Music Therapy Practice
Key Words
For Further Reading
CHAPTER 2: A Data-Based Mode for Music Therapy
A Data Base For Music Therapy
Stages Of A Data-Based Model
Rationale For A Data-Based Model
Key Words
For Further Reading
CHAPTER 3: Referral to Music Therapy
Standards For Referral
Educating Referral Sources
Presenting Problems And Goals
Sample Music Therapy Goals
Key Words
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CHAPTER 4: A First Session: Building the Therapeutic Relationship
First Encounters
Aims Of A First Session
Developing The Therapeutic Relationship
Gaining Information
The Most Effective Music
What To Observe
Outlining Responsibilities
Key Words
For Further Reading
CHAPTER 5: Assessment
The Requirements For Assessment
Psychometric Properties Of Assessment
Music-Based Assessments
Other Assessments
Electronic Assessments And Applications
Initial Assessments
A Comprehensive Assessment Of Functioning
Assessment Over Time
An Original Assessment Tool For Finger Dexterity
An Original Pretest-Posttest Assessment For Socialization And Agitation
The Music Therapist's Assessment Checklist
Key Words
For Further Reading
CHAPTER 6: Goals, Objectives, and Target Responses
Identifying Problems, Behaviors, And Goals
Setting Objectives
Case Examples
Key Words
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CHAPTER 7: Observation
Methods Of Recording
Clinical Examples Of Recording
Baseline Observations
Functional Analysis
Subjective Observation
Key Words
For Further Reading
CHAPTER 8: Music Therapy Protocols
A Vision For Your Music Therapy Practice
Protocols For Music Therapy Practice
Evidence-Based Music Therapy Practices
The Cochrane Library And Systematic Reviews
The Therapeutic Function Of Music
Special Conditions
Clinical Examples Of Music Therapy Sessions
Organization Of A Music Therapy Session
Maintenance And Generalization
A Music Therapy Protocol For A Family Medicine Unit
A Music Therapy Protocol For Depressed Older Adults
Key Words
CHAPTER 9: The Music Therapy Treatment Plan
Beginning To Plan
Assessing The Assessment
Response Hierarchies And Objectives
Developmental Sequence In Group Music Psychotherapy
Individual Vs. Group Music Therapy
The Formal Music Therapy Treatment Plan
Music Therapy Group Proposal
Key Words
For Further Reading
CHAPTER 10: Implementation
Tables And Graphs
Session Log
Progress Notes
Clinical Writing
Clinical Supervision
The Evolving Therapeutic Relationship
Revision Of Procedures
Key Words
For Further Reading
CHAPTER 11: Evaluation
Defining Success
The Evaluation Plan
Recommendations For Future Action
Music Therapy Program Evaluations In The Literature
Sample Music Therapy Evaluations
Analysis Of Clinical Examples
Key Words
For Further Reading
CHAPTER 12: Termination
Guidelines For Termination
Musical Termination
Clinical Example
For Further Reading
CHAPTER 13: Self-Care
Your Self-Care Practice
Key Words
For Further Reading
POSTSCRIPT: The Contemplative Music Therapist's Journal
About the Author

Learn essential concepts and practices for providing music therapy! This digital book has been an indispensable guide for music therapists worldwide since the 1990s. This 3rd edition is now updated for the modern music therapist.

You will learn state-of-the-art, data-driven approaches to providing care in a wide variety of therapeutic contexts. These practices are based on the most up-to-date science and experiences of thousands of patients and clients.

Through detailed discussions of research and practice, case studies, strategies, and clinical approaches, you will learn how music therapy is a uniquely effective approach.

In this third edition, Dr. Hanser's essential handbook has been updated and expanded to reflect the latest developments in healthcare and education. It includes valuable information for both students and professionals, particularly in meeting the competencies of the Board Certification for Music Therapy and standards of practice for the American Music Therapy Association.

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uzanne B. Hanser,, Ed.D., MT-BC chairs the Music Therapy Department at Berklee College of Music and is a lecturer in the Department of Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School. She is past president of the National Association for Music Therapy. Dr. Hanser received a National Research Services Award from the National Institute on Aging and was a Senior Postdoctoral Fellow at Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Hanser has served as program director of the Alzheimer's Association, San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, and Chair of the Music Therapy Department at University of the Pacific. She received her music therapy training at The Florida State University and doctoral degree from Columbia University where she was a Fellow of the Center for the Behavioral Analysis of School Learning.

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