The Art of Singing
Vocals Book

The Art of Singing

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Table of Contents

The Singing World Today
My Experience
Finding the Voice That Was Never Lost
Common Misconceptions Of Singing
Realities Of Singing
How We Became So Confused
Finding Your Voice
The Way We Communicate
The Language Two-Step
The Singing Two-Step
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)
NLP In Singing
Putting NLP To The Test
Getting Started On The Wrong Foot
A Look At John
Getting Back On Track
Learning How To Learn
Getting Back On Track Vocally
Becoming The Teacher
Carolyn And Marty
Finding The Right Partner
Understanding Time: Redefining Your Experience
The Brain in Singing
The Right And Left Hemispheres
Characteristics Commonly Attributed To The Right And Left Hemispheres
Either/Or Thinking
A Look At The Creative Mind
The Science Of The Zone
Accessing The Creative Mind
The Creative Mind In Singing
When And How We Need The Technical Mind
Fear and the Psychology of Singing
Where Do Our Fears Come From?
What Fear Can Do: Manifestations In Singing
Redefining Our Relationship To Fear
Some Tools
Beneficial Fears In The Realm Of Singing
Putting Theory Into Practice
The Truth About Technique
The Four C's
The Truth About Practice
About the Author

Jennifer Hamady's ground-breaking book on singing and the psychology of performance is a must-read for every artist working today.

Using the medium of the voice, Jennifer shares her insights and experiences as a voice coach, therapist, and professional singer, which will open your eyes to how we all – musicians and others – allow fear, doubt, poor learning habits, preconceived notions, and overthinking to get in the way of clear and healthy singing, self-expression, and living.

With practical advice for releasing physical and emotional tension, establishing confidence and vocal strength, and embracing personal and musical optimism and wonder, The Art of Singing explores:

• Misconceptions about the voice and singing

• Finding the voice that was never lost

• Language and its role in singing and learning to sing

• Learning how you learn best and applying that wisdom to vocal learning

• The brain: how it works – its impact on singing and learning to sing – and how to make it work for you

• Fear and performance anxiety: liberating yourself from the mental shackles

• Reclaiming joy and confidence in your singing and self-expression

• Putting theory into practice: vocal physiology, technique, and delivery

The accompanying audio tracks – in Jennifer's own voice – captures a conversation about her approach and ideas, as well as exercises that will help you discover and develop your true and best instrument. Singers of every age, level, and musical genre will benefit from this insightful first book in Jennifer's The Art of Singing series.

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