Teach Yourself to Play Piano
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Teach Yourself to Play Piano

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Table of Contents

Read This First
But I Don't Have A Piano!
Good Foundations
How To Teach Yourself
How To Practice
What Can I Do If I Get Stuck?
Do I Need Piano Lessons?
Familiarize yourself with the keyboard
Playing your first notes
Getting started with the right hand
Bars And Beats
Correct Hand Position
Get rhythm!
Sound And Silence
Introducing the Bass Clef
Getting started with the left hand
The Left Hand And Quarter Notes
Introducing the eighth note
Counting The Eighth Note
Rhythm Plus Notes Equals Fun!
Left Hand Melodies
Hands together
All Hands On Deck
Quiz Answers From Page 19
Hands work together more
Introducing chords
More chord power
Changing position
More new notes
A New Note For The Left Hand
A New Note For The Right Hand
Let's play!
Section 1
Section 2
Section 3
The Final Frontier

This easy-to-understand digital book will get you playing right away and at your own pace, in the comfort of your home or studio! "Teach Yourself to Play Piano" covers everything from the basics of hand position and good posture to playing melodies and songs and much more.

By the end of the digital book, you'll be able to play hands together, using a combination of whole, half, quarter and eighth notes and their respective rests. You will also be able to read a selection of notes from both the bass and treble clefs, and you will be able to play some simple chords in the left hand.

Don't wait any longer – there's never been an easier way to teach yourself piano!

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  • Quick search, note taking and bookmarking for easy reference
  • Responsive book design, so things look great on mobile too
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