Teach Yourself to Play Guitar Chords
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Teach Yourself to Play Guitar Chords

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Author: Steve Gorenberg

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Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: The Basics
Parts Of The Guitar
Left-hand Position
Holding The Pick
Chord Diagrams
Chord Charts
CHAPTER 2: Open-position Major and Minor Chords
Em Chord
E Chord
Am Chord
C Chord
G Chord
D Chord
A Chord
Dm Chord
CHAPTER 3: Rhythm and Strumming Patterns
Rhythm Slashes
Strummin’ Blues
Ties And Dots
Rockin’ Blues
CHAPTER 4: Closed-position Major and Minor Chords
F Chord
Fm And Gm Chords
B Chord
Bm And Cm Chords
Jammin’ Reggae
The Rising Sun
CHAPTER 5: Power Chords
Sixth-string Power Chords
Fifth-string Power Chords
Chords In Tab And The Shuffle Rhythm
CHAPTER 6: Suspensions and Alterations
CHAPTER 7: Open Seventh Chords
Dominant Seventh Chords
Major Seventh Chords
Minor Seventh Chords
A Minor Song
CHAPTER 8: Barre Chords
F And Fm Barre Chords
BE And BEm Barre Chords
The Barre Chord Spirit Song
Barred Seventh Chords
The Magic Seventh Song
CHAPTER 9: Advanced Techniques
Moving The Open Chords
Drop D Tuning

This book, Teach Yourself to Play Guitar Chords, was created specifically for beginning guitarists with no music-reading background. Quickly and easily learn the chords you need to know to play and almost endless amount of songs, or to write your own!

Topics covered include: open- and closed-position major and minor chords • rhythm and strumming patterns • power chords • suspensions and alterations • open seventh chords • barre chords • and much more. The book includes audio demonstration tracks online for download or streaming. Like the original guitar edition, this book features easy-to-interpret diagrams, photos and illustrations with complete, concise explanations, preparing the student for the option of further guitar instruction.

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