Songwriting in Practice
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Songwriting in Practice

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Author: Mark Simos

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Table of Contents

Preface and Acknowledgments
CHAPTER 1: Introduction – Songwriting as a Practice
Creative Workflow In Songwriting
Who Can Use This Book?
Need For This Book
Sharing Practice
What’s In The Book
Concluding Thoughts
CHAPTER 2: Managing Your Creative Workflow
Challenges In Managing Creative Workflow
Elements Of Creative Workflow
Boundaries And Containers
Establishing New Workflow Practices
CHAPTER 3: Managing Seed and Source Material
Seeds And Sources
Work Products For Managing Seeds
Seeds Central: The Mother Ship
Managing Source Material For Songs
CHAPTER 4: Supporting Practices for Seed Material
Consolidating Seed Lists: Sort And Sift
Appointment With Inspiration
Organizing Seed Lists For Action
CHAPTER 5: Developing Songs
Key Workflow Design Decisions
Your Songwriting Journal
Workflow: Writing The Song
Song Drafts
A Working Example
Your Journal Archive
CHAPTER 6: Song Revision and Critique
Managing Song Revisions
Managing Song Critique
CHAPTER 7: Co-Writing and Collaboration
Using Seed Material For Co-Writing
Managing The Co-Writing Session
Using Drafts: Over-the-Wall Co-Writing
Wrapping Up A Session
Co-Writer Lists
CHAPTER 8: Finalizing the Song
Finalizing The Lyric Sheet
Music Notation
The Studio Vocal Demo
CHAPTER 9: Managing Your Catalog
Organizing Your Catalog
Song Catalog As Index
Connecting Songs To Opportunities
Working With Assistants
CHAPTER 10: Advancing Your Craft – Reflective Practices
Surfing The Chaos
Reflection And Learning
Using Your Catalog For Reflection And Self-Assessment
Working With Multiple Seeds
Your Songwriter Life Lists
Final Thoughts: Your Future Biographers
About the Author

Become a more productive songwriter! Learn to organize the full range of your creative content, from starting inspirations to finished songs. This book offers pragmatic tools, resources, practices, and principles for managing the many kinds of creative materials gathered or generated across a song's life cycle and much more.

Organize your ideas and sources of inspiration, sketches and drafts, versions and revisions, to streamline your songwriting process. Create and use “song seed” notebooks and lists, song journals, and writing and co-writing session logs, as you develop your overall song catalog.

You will learn to:

• Capture and access inspirations of all types – lyric, melodic, chordal, rhythmic, or concept – in songwriting notebooks, journals, and lists

• Energize and improve your creative work writing by organizing all your song ideas for easy access at every stage of songwriting

• Manage the full lifecycle of your songs, from sketches and drafts, through versions and revisions, to “fair copies” and demos

• Develop an efficient songwriting workflow that connects inspirations to opportunities and projects

• Rapidly access your strongest creative material in high-stakes, deadline-driven writing and co-writing sessions

• Develop your song catalogue to support publishing, administration, and licensing

• Use the organizing process to gain insights for advancing your craft and range as a writer

Start writing songs today!

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