Recording and Producing in the Home Studio
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Recording and Producing in the Home Studio

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Author: David Franz

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Table of Contents

Section 1
the Basics of Producing
Producing Your Own Music
Setting up Your Studio
Signal Flow
Signal Level
Gain Stages
Recording Devices
Connecting Your Studio
Additional Hardware: Dynamics Processors, Eqs, And Effects
The Basics Of Midi
Setting Up Your Listening Environment
The Acoustic Treatment
the Basics of Recording
Sound Wave Fundamentals
The Recording Process
The Digital Recording And Playback Process
Digital Recording And Hard Disk Space Requirements
Setting Recording Levels
Buffer Size And Latency Times
Section 2
the Producer's Role in Preproduction Part I
1. Meeting The Artist
2. Listening To The Artist's Material
3. Considering The Artist's Identity
4 Choosing The Best Material To Record
5. Planning The Project: Time And Money
the Producer's Role in Preproduction Part Ii
6. Writing, REWriting, And Arranging
7. Hiring Help
8. Scheduling Rehearsal, Recording, And Mixing Sessions
9. Rehearsing
10. Getting Ready For The Recording Sessions
the Engineer's Role in Preproduction
Studio Setup
Equipment Setup: Microphones
Microphone Basics
Acoustical Phase Cancellation
Equipment Setup: Other Gear
Track Assignments
Additional Engineering Duties
The Recording Medium
Section 3
Recording and Engineering Techniques, Part I
Types Of Recording Sessions
Recording Electric Guitars And Basses
Recording Acoustic Guitars And Upright Basses
Recording Piano
Recording Vocals
Recording Other Instruments
Advanced Miking Techniques
Microphone Wrap-up
Recording and Engineering Techniques, Part Ii
Headphones And Headphone Mixes
Click Tracks
Using Effects While Recording
Printing Effects To Tracks Using Inserts
Combining Tracks—submixes
Rough Mixes
At The End Of The Session
the Producer's Role While Recording
Right Before The Recording Session
During The Session
Balance: The Art Of Producing And Recording Your Own Music
Midi Production Techniques
Midi Recording Techniques
Editing Midi Data
Midi Production Techniques
Other Useful Midi Production Topics
Section 4
Editing Techniques
Analog And Digital Editing
Digital Editing Concepts
Digital Editing Techniques
Creative Editing
Post-Editing Cleanup And Managing Regions
The Flow And Balance Of Editing
Mixing, Part I
Preparing For The Mix
The Mixing Process
Creating A Rough BaLaNCE
Writing Mute And Panning Automation
Applying Equalization
EQ Techniques
Some Final Thoughts On EQ
Mixing, Part Ii
Sidechains And Key Inputs
Adding Depth And Special Effects
Delay Mix Techniques
Reverb And Reverb Mix Techniques
Some Final Comments On Signal Processing While Mixing
Layering Sounds
Setting Final Volume Levels And EQ
Testing Your Mix
Mixing In Surround, REMixing, And PREMASTERinG
What Is Mastering?
The Mastering Process
Bouncing Down And Burning Your Mastered Tracks
The Steps After Mastering

With the explosion of project studio gear available, it's easier than ever to create pro-quality music at home. This book is the only reference you'll ever need to start producing and engineering your music or other artists' music in your very own home studio. You don't have a home studio yet, but have some basic equipment? This essential guide will help you set up your studio, begin producing projects, develop your engineering skills and manage your projects. Stop dreaming and start producing!

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