Play Piano Today! All-In-One Beginner's Pack
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Play Piano Today! All-In-One Beginner's Pack

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Author: Sharon Stosur

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Table of Contents

The Basics
Right Hand And Left Hand
The Keyboard
Playing The White Keys
Reading Music
Jingle Bells
The Right Hand
C Position
Music Review
Steps And Skips
Analyzing A Piece Of Music
Adding the Left Hand
C Position For Left Hand
C And G Chords
Lead Sheet Notation
Moving Away From The C Position
Tempo And Dynamics
More Notes and a New Chord
The F Chord
Have Some Fun With The Saints
An Elvis Presley Classic
Pick-up Notes
Repeat Sign
Stretching Beyond The C Position
1st And 2nd Endings
Double The Fun!
Eighth Notes
More Notes For Right Hand
Stretching An Octave
Minor Chords and Accidentals
Minor Chords
Moving From Chord To Chord
Playing The Black Keys
Playing Sharps
A New Chord
Dotted Rhythms
Dotted Quarter Notes
Fingering Practice
A New Chord: B♭
Caroling With A Flat
More Dotted Rhythms
More Syncopation
D.S. Al Coda
7th Chords
A New Symbol
D.C. Al Coda
G7 In A Minor Key
Chord Inversions
Scales and Keys
Major Scale
Caroling With A Scale
Minor Scale
Blues Scale
Swing Eighths
Playing The Blues
More Chords
Augmented Chords
Em Chord
New 7th Chord
One More Chord
A Syncopated Classic
Diminished And Diminished 7th Chords
A Little Bit Of Everything
Music Review
Note Values
Treble Clef Sight Reading Review
Bass Clef
The Bass Clef
Bass Clef Note-Reading Practice
C Position For Left Hand
Left Hand as Equal Partner
Left Hand Warm-ups
Left Hand Chords On The Bass Staff
Rhythmic Riffs And Accompaniments
Jazzy Walking Bass
Cool R&B
Classic Rock Bass
The Grand Staff
Playing On The Grand Staff
Tempo And Dynamics Review
Playing Hands Together
Key Signature Review
Strategies for Playing Hands Together
More Strategies
Left-Hand Accompaniment Patterns
Independent Lines
Putting It Together
Chordal Accompaniment
Arpeggiated Accompaniment
Independent Lines
Bass Lines and the Blues
Coordination and Syncopation
Five-Note Scale Exercises
Practice Tips For Für Elise
Highlighting the Left Hand
Chord Index
Major Chords
Minor Chords
Seventh Chords
Augmented Chord
Diminshed 7th Chord
Glossary of Musical Terms

The ultimate self-teaching method designed to offer quality instruction, terrific songs, and 100 professional-quality demo tracks plus video lesson!

Learn at your own pace with 73 great songs and examples, plus video lessons with Amanda McFall. Topics covered include: music reading – notes & rhythms • lead sheet notation for left-hand • songs, chords and scales • playing tips and techniques. This series can be used by students who want to teach themselves, or by teachers for private or group instruction.

Simply follow the tips and lessons in the book as you listen to the teacher and watch the video.

Audio and video files are accessed right inside the book via streaming!

Key Digital Print Features

We've built a new way to enjoy electronic print that you're sure to love.

  • Fast Loading Desktop and Mobile Experience (even with cellular connections!)
  • Auto-resume across devices
  • Quick search, note taking and bookmarking for easy reference
  • Responsive book design, so things look great on mobile too
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