One-Man Guitar Jam - How to Use Riffs, Bass Lines, and Rhythm Patterns for Self-Accompaniment While Soloing
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One-Man Guitar Jam - How to Use Riffs, Bass Lines, and Rhythm Patterns for Self-Accompaniment While Soloing

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Author: Troy Nelson

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Table of Contents

About the Audio
Memorizing and Internalizing Chord Progressions
Tempo, Rhythm, and Groove
Creating Your Own Phrases
Everything Old Is New Again
Simplicity Is Bliss
You Are What You Play
Always Have A Plan!
Transitional Devices
Final Thoughts Before Getting Started
Tuning Notes
Section I: Blues
Chapter 1: Blues Shuffle
Chapter 2: Chicago Blues Bass Line
Chapter 3: Texas Blues Riff
Chapter 4: 12/8 Slow-Blues Riff
Chapter 5: Minor-Blues Riff
Chapter 6: Delta Blues Fingerpicking Pattern
Section II: Rock
Chapter 7: Rock 'N' Roll Walking Bass Line
Chapter 8: Blues-Rock Boogie Bass Line
Chapter 9: Blues-Rock Riff
Chapter 10: Rhythm & Blues (R&B) Riff
Chapter 11: Folk/Rock Strumming And Embellishment
Chapter 12: Percussive Pop/rock Groove
Section III: Jazz
Chapter 13: Jump-Blues Riff
Chapter 14: Soul-Jazz Riff
Chapter 15: Gypsy Jazz Comping Pattern
Chapter 16: Walking Bass Line: 12-Bar Jazz-Blues
Chapter 17: Walking Bass Line: Rhythm Changes
Chapter 18: Walking Bass Line: Coltrane Changes
Chapter 19: Walking Bass Line: Jazz Waltz (3/4 Meter)
Section Iv: Country
Chapter 20: Bluegrass "Boom-Chucka" Strumming Pattern
Chapter 21: Countrified Boogie Bass Line
Chapter 22: Travis Picking: Seventh Chords With Alternating Bass Notes
Chapter 23: Travis Picking: Chet Atkins-Style Chord Melody
Section V: Funk
Chapter 24: Funk Riff
Chapter 25: Funk "Skank" Groove
About the Author

This book covers the art of self-accompaniment while soloing. Incorporating the styles of blues, rock, jazz, country, and funk, the jams will help your ability to play chords and bass lines simultaneously. You'll increase your scale and chord-voicing vocabulary, and you'll improve your rhythm, groove, and phrasing. Audio demos of all 150 guitar jams are available for download or streaming!

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