Nashville Hot Pickin' Guitar
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Nashville Hot Pickin' Guitar

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Author: Matthew Lee

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Table of Contents

Basic Concepts
Hybrid Picking
Knowing The Neck
Nashville Number System
Pentatonic Scales/Patterns
Major Pentatonic Licks
Minor Pentatonic Licks
Country Composite Scale
Blues Scale
Bluegrass Scale (Mixolydian AddE3)
The CAGED System
CAGED Shapes Up The Neck
Playing A Progression Using CAGED Positions
Country Techniques
Open-String Licks
Double Stops
Bending Strings
Putting the Pieces Together
Solo 1: Train Beat In A
Solo 2: Train Beat In G
Solo 3: Two-Beat Feel In C
Solo 4: Shuffle Feel In E
Solo 5: Four-on-the-Floor In A
Solo 6: Swing Feel In BE
Solo 7: Fast Train Beat In D
Recommended Guitar Players
About The Author

It's no secret that Nashville, Tennessee is home to some of the top musicians in the world, entertaining audiences non-stop and setting the stage for hopeful artists who are chasing their dreams of stardom.

Electric guitarists in particular are some of the most technically proficient musicians in this renowned music scene, executing blistering lead lines, slippery string bending, and foot-tapping rhythms night after night.

In this book and the accompanying embedded videos, Nashville veteran Matthew Lee shows everything you need to add to your arsenal of techniques and tricks and play just like the professionals!

Lessons covered include: hybrid picking • Nashville Number System • open string licks • double-stop playing • exploring intervals and scales • and more.

Visit Nashville today!

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