Musician's Yoga
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Musician's Yoga

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Author: Mia Olson

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Table of Contents

Know Your Limits
CHAPTER 1: Making Music with Yoga
Visualizing Performance Success
Visualization Exercises
Put It Into Practice
CHAPTER 2: Breathing Techniques (Pranayama)
Breath Recognition Exercise
Full Yogic Breath (Three-Part Dirgha Breath)
Ocean Breath (Ujjayi)
Alternate Nostril Breathing (Nadi Shodhana)
Conductor Breath
Helicopter Breath
Put It Into Practice
Breathing Techniques
CHAPTER 3: Meditation Techniques
Thought Watching
Breath Meditation
Breath Meditation With Your Instrument
Mantra Meditation
Mantra Meditation With Your Instrument
Counting Meditation
Counting Meditation With Your Instrument
Walking Meditation
Walking Meditation: Visualizing Your Music
Meditation In Motion
Posture Meditation
A Story On Practicing Before A Concert Meditation
Visualization Meditations
EXERCISE 1: Room Meditation
EXERCISE 2: Audition Meditation
EXERCISE 3: Positive Meditation
EXERCISE 4: Finding Your Center
Meditation Techniques
CHAPTER 4: Posture and Alignment
Yoga Mudra Exercise
Posture And Mood Exercise
Mountain Pose
Put It Into Practice
EXERCISE 1: Room Meditation
EXERCISE 2: Breath
EXERCISE 3: Mindfulness While Playing
Practice For Performance
Put It Into Practice
Put It Into Practice
Preventing Overuse Injuries Through Developing The Mind-Body Connection
Put It Into Practice
Yoga Off The Mat
CHAPTER 5: Upper Body Exercises
Finger Exercises
Lion Pose
Hand Exercises
Wrist And Arm Rotations
Shoulders: Tension And Release
Shoulder Circles
Neck Circles: Half And Full
Shoulder Stretch
Tricep Stretch
Cow Face Arms
Eagle Arms
Standing Yoga Mudra
Put It Into Practice
Upper Body Exercises
CHAPTER 6: Spine Exercises
Table Pose
Cat Pose
Dog Pose
Cat And Dog Stretch
Back Strengthener
Opening The Sides Of The Body
Thread The Needle
Forward Bend
Extended Child Pose
Spinal Twist
Staff Pose
Staff Pose With Arms Extended
Water Wheels
Spine Exercises
CHAPTER 7: Lower Body Exercises
Warrior 1
Warrior 2
Side Angle Warrior
Reversed Warrior
Put It Into Practice
Lower Body Exercises
CHAPTER 8: Exercises for Balance, Focus, and Concentration
Balancing Pose Warm-up
Warrior 3
Eagle Pose
Balance, Focus, And Concentration Exercises
CHAPTER 9: Taking Care of Yourself
Kundalini Wake-up Routine
Tapping And Self Massage
Eye Exercises
Postures For Relaxation And Rejuvenation
Relaxation (Shavasana)
Relaxation For A Good Night's Sleep
CHAPTER 10: Develop Your Own Practice Routine
Practice Routines
Breathing Techniques
Meditation Techniques
Upper Body Exercises
Spine Exercises
Lower Body Exercises
Balance, Focus, And Concentration Exercises
Practice Routines
DAY 1: Practice Routine
DAY 2: Practice Routine
DAY 3: Practice Routine
DAY 4: Practice Routine
DAY 5: Practice Routine
DAY 6: Practice Routine
DAY 7: Day Of Rest
CONCLUSION: Yoga and Awareness "Off the Mat"
APPENDIX: Resources
Web Sites
About the Author

Become a better musician through yoga. By integrating yoga into your practice routines, you will develop a more focused and concentrated mind for performance. You will be able to increase awareness of how you use your body to allow for proper posture and ease of movement while performing, helping you to avoid overuse injuries and play with greater expression.

These concepts, exercises, and practice routines present yoga from the musicians' perspective, focusing on the direct relationships between using yoga and creating music.

You will learn to:

• Practice meditation approaches, breathing techniques, and yoga postures that will help improve musicianship

• Play using healthy posture and technique

• Get more out of your practice through improved focus

• Use your breath to improve your phrasing and also to ease performance anxiety

• Play with deeper expression through inspiration.

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