Music Theory Workbook
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Music Theory Workbook

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Author: Chris Bowman

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Table of Contents

How to Use This Book
Part One - Scales
Major Scales - the Sharp Keys
Lesson 1 — C Major Scale
Lesson 2 — G Major Scale
Lesson 3 — D Major Scale
Lesson 4 — A MaJOR SCaLE
Lesson 5 — E Major Scale
Lesson 6 — B Major Scale
Lesson 7 — F♯ Major Scale
Lesson 8 — C♯ Major Scale
The Circle Of Fifths
Major Scales - the Flat Keys
Lesson 9 — F Major Scale
Lesson 10 — B♭ Major Scale
Lesson 11 — E♭ Major Scale
Lesson 12 – A♭ Major Scale
Lesson 13 – D♭ Major Scale
Lesson 14 – G♭ Major Scale
Lesson 15 – C♭ Major Scale
Minor Scales - the Sharp Keys
Lesson 16 — A Minor SCaLES
Lesson 17 — E Minor Scales
Lesson 18 — B Minor Scales
Lesson 19 — F♯ Minor Scales
Lesson 20 — C♯ Minor Scales
Lesson 21 — G♯ Minor Scales
Lesson 22 — D♯ Minor Scales
Lesson 23 — A♯ Minor Scales
Minor Scales - the Flat Keys
Lesson 24 — D Minor Scales
Lesson 25 — G Minor Scales
Lesson 26 — C Minor Scales
Lesson 27 — F Minor Scales
Lesson 28 — B♭ Minor Scales
Lesson 29 — E♭ Minor Scales
Lesson 30 — A♭ Minor Scales
Other Scales
Pentatonic Major Scale
Pentatonic Minor Scale
Hungarian Minor Scale
Whole Tone Scale
Chromatic Scales
Diminished Scales
Part Two - Harmony, Intervals & Chord Structure
Chords by Degree
Major Triads
Minor Triads
Diminished Triads
Augmented Triads
Seventh Chords
Diminished Seventh Chords
Augmented Seventh Chords
Sixth Chords
Ninth Chords
Suspended Chords
11th Chords
13th Chords
Extended And Altered Chords
Chords by Intervals
How Intervals Work
Building Chords By Intervals
Basic Rules Of Intervals
Chords in Keys
Triads In The Major Scales
Triads In The Minor Scales
The Basic Chords In Every Key
Seventh Chords
Chord Progressions & Substitutions
Rules For Chord Substitution
Examples Of Chord Substitution
Still More Substitutions
About The Author

A self-study course with illustrations & examples for you to write & check your answers. Topics include: major and minor scales; modes and other scales; harmony; intervals; chord structure; chord progressions and substitutions; and more. This workbook contains essential “backbone” concepts for working musicians. These are the things you must know. It may take a year to work through and thoroughly understand and memorize all that is in this book – and a lifetime to perfect it. But that's okay: You will own this valuable resource and have it for handy reference.

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