Music Notation: Preparing Scores and Parts

Music Notation: Preparing Scores and Parts

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Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: Getting Started
1. Choosing Your Tools: By Hand Vs. By Computer
2. Scores By Hand
3. Computer-Generated Scores
4. Summary: Getting Started
CHAPTER 2: Laying Out the Score
1. Basic Elements Of The Score
2. Score Order
3. Score Page Layouts
4. Measure Numbers And Rehearsal Markings
5. Summary: Laying Out The Score
CHAPTER 3: The Contents of the Score
1. Barlines, Clefs, Key/Time Signatures
2. Notes
3. Dynamics, Articulations, And Accidentals
4. Divisi Parts
5. Words And Performance Directions In The Score
6. Repeat Notation And Form Markings
7. Rhythm-Section Notation And Improvisation
8. Text Setting And Vocal Notation
9. Finishing The Score
10. Summary: Entering The Contents Of The Score
CHAPTER 4: Creating Parts
1. Choosing The Tools
2. Parts By Hand
3. Parts By Computer
4. Laying Out The Parts
5. Sample Parts
6. Proofreading And Editing
APPENDIX A. Instrument Names and Abbreviations
APPENDIX B. Resources
APPENDIX C. Common Errors

Whether you notate music by hand or use computer software, this digital book will show you today's best practices for rendering the details of your scores and parts. Improve your music's legibility and express your ideas clearly to get the best possible representation of your music today!


In this digital book you'll learn to create scores that are easy to conduct and parts that are easy to perform, understand the unique practices and standards for handwritten vs. computer-generated scores, such as those by Finale® and Sibelius®, lay out scores with proper instrument order, measures per page, and common alignment practices.


You'll also learn to understand the publication standards for orchestral, big-band, vocal, and rhythm-section-based scores, use appropriate practices for different styles, such as pop, commercial, classical, jazz and more. 


Furthermore, Music Notation – Preparing Scores and Parts is used as a notation textbook by Berklee College of Music's Contemporary Writing and Production Department, and presents the definitive word in score and part preparation, based on contemporary publishing-industry practice.

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