Music Marketing for the DIY Musician: Creating & Executing a Plan of Attack on a Low Budget
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Music Marketing for the DIY Musician: Creating & Executing a Plan of Attack on a Low Budget

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Author: Bobby Borg

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Table of Contents

An Overview of the Complete Diy Marketing Process
Describe Your Company's Vision And Set Your Career On Course
Identify Opportunities Or "needs" By Conducting A Swot Analysis
Analyze Your Most Likely Customers And Target Your Market
Learn From Your Competitors By Conducting A Competitor Analysis
Demo Your Products And Services And Get Invaluable Feedback
Set Your Marketing Plan Goals By Using The Smart Model
Find The Right Blend Of "marketing Mix" Strategies To Achieve Your Goals
Assemble A Marketing Plan Of Attack™ And Present Your Ideas Effectively
Execute Your Marketing Plan Effectively And Get Results
Keep Learning About Marketing And Strengthen Your Marketing Muscles
Consider These Overall Thoughts Before Diving Into The Text
Describe Your Company's Vision
Identify The Type Of Company You Envision Becoming
Indicate What Products And Services You'll Provide
Determine Your Genre Or Style
Decide What Level Of Success You Wish To Achieve
Consider What Kind Of Industry You're In
Know What Identity You Want To Project Into The Marketplace
Write Your Vision Statement Paragraph
Marketing Plan Template And Example
Identify Profitable Opportunities or "needs"
Scan The Marketplace For Potential Opportunities
Match Opportunities With Strengths
Uncover Your Weaknesses
Spot Potential Threats
Write A Swot (or Oswt) Conclusion
In Their Own Words: Q&a With Ira Kalb, Business Consultant
Marketing Plan Template And Example
Analyze Your Customers
Identify, Segment, And Target Your Audience
Consider Your Data And Write A Customer Conclusion
In Their Own Words: Q&a With Nance Rosen, Business Consultant At Sandler Training
Marketing Plan Template And Example
Learn From Your Competitors
Identify Your Competitors
Analyze Your Competitors' Strategies
Interpret Your Competitor Data And Write A Conclusion
Marketing Plan Template And Example
Demo Your Products and Services
Develop And Demo Your Products And Services
Test Your Products And Services Out On Your Most Likely Fans
Interpret The Data
Write Your R&D Conclusion Paragraph
In Their Own Words: Q&a With Bianca Philippi, Founder Of Creative Insights
Marketing Plan Template And Example
Set Your Marketing Plan Goals
Make Your Goals Specific
Make Your Goals Measurable (or Countable)
Determine Whether Your Goals Are Attainable
Consider A Road Map For Achieving Your Goals
Set Your Goals In The Context Of Time
Complete Your Smart Goals Paragraph
Marketing Plan Template And Example
Develop Your Company's Brand Strategy
Review Your Research And Goals And Examine How They Relate To Branding
Choose A Company Brand Name
Design A Company Brand Logo That Pops
Create A Company Brand Slogan Or Tagline
Create A Company Brand Spokescreature Or Mascot
Consider Your Company's Brand Personality
Realize Your Position: Know Your Point Of Differentiation And Plan To Exploit It
Marketing Plan Template And Example
Develop a Brand Strategy for Your Products/services
Decide On Your Brand Structure
Envision The Best Names/titles
Use A Product/service Brand Slogan Or Tagline
Conceptualize The Right Design/look/mood
Define Your Product's Position And Exploit It
In Their Own Words: Q&a With Robert Liljenwall, Owner Of The Liljenwall Group
Marketing Plan Template And Example
Finalize Your Products and Services for the Marketplace
Create A Product And Service Development Plan
Finalize A Customer Service Policy: The "other" Part Of Product
Analyze The Features And Benefits Of Your Products And Services
Marketing Plan Template And Example
Devise a Pricing Strategy
Examine How Your Research, Goals, And Other Strategies Are Connected To Price
Choose The Pricing Strategies That Are Right For You
In Their Own Words: Q&a With Jeff Hinkle, Business Manager At Gso Business Management
Marketing Plan Template And Example
Establish a Place Strategy, Part 1
Consider How Distribution, Research, And Other Strategies Are Related
Create A Live-Performance Place Strategy
Develop A Place Strategy For Selling Your Recorded Albums
Marketing Plan Template And Example
Establish a Place Strategy, Part 2
Place Your Merch Effectively For Healthy Sales
Place Your Songs And Instrumentals In Film/tv/games And More
Marketing Plan Template And Example
Formulate a Promotion Strategy, Part 1
Create A Publicity And Public Relations Plan And Stimulate Free Promotion
Develop A Paid Advertising Campaign
Marketing Plan Template And Example
Formulate a Promotion Strategy, Part 2
Put Together An Online Marketing Plan
Use Word-of-Mouth Marketing (Womm)
Utilize Guerrilla (or "street Commando") Tactics
Marketing Plan Template And Example
Formulate a Promotion Strategy, Part 3
Develop A Radio Promotion Campaign
Align With Local And National Sponsors
Marketing Plan Template And Example
Formulate a Promotion Strategy, Part 4
Develop A Direct Marketing Plan
Think About Face-to-Face Selling (A.k.a. Personal Selling)
Employ Sales Promotions (Short-Term Incentives)
Marketing Plan Template And Example
Prepare a Measuring Strategy
Know What To Measure
Consider Your Sources And Methods Of Measuring
Convert, Analyze, And Take Action
Marketing Plan Template And Example
Assemble Your Marketing Plan of Attack™
Present A Front Cover
Provide An Executive Summary
Insert A Table Of Contents (Toc)
Complete And Format All Of The Templates
Build An Allocation Of Costs Table
Incorporate A Timeline Or Schedule
Add An Appendix
Execute Your Marketing Plan Effectively
Make Sure Your Plan Passes The Bullshit Test
Secure The Needed Funds Now
Remember Not To Wait Around For Others To Help You: Do-It-Yourself (Diy) Or Die
Be Ready And Willing To Go The Distance With Persistence
Burn, But Don't Burn Out: Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise, And More
Choose Employees And Band Members Wisely
Delegate The Workload Within Your Organization
Link Rewards To Performance Execution
Communicate The Sense Of Urgency To Get Things Done Now, Before It's Too Late!
Get Rid Of Complacency, Negativity, And Flakiness, And Do It Quickly
Embrace Industry Types, Movers And Shakers, And Company Deals Carefully
Always Give Thanks To Those Who Help By Practicing The Attitude Of Gratitude
Remember That Life Is Not Just A Box Of Chocolates
Continue to Learn About Marketing
Study The Life Stories Of Successful And Innovative Artists You Admire
Analyze The Careers Of Artists Who Have Failed
Study The Histories Of Companies Outside The Music Industry That You Respect
Examine And Learn From The Marketing That Is Around You Each And Every Day
Consider How Companies Handle Themselves In The Face Of Adversity
Analyze Why Some Artists Can Stand The Test Of Time And Others Fade Away
Study The Lives Of Great Leaders Throughout History
Read The Greatest And Latest Business And Marketing Books
Follow A Variety Of Marketing Experts On Their Social Networks
Subscribe To A Variety Of Blogs For The Latest Business And Marketing Information
Become A Member Of A Popular Marketing And Business Organization
Take A Continuing Education Class In Marketing
Take Advantage Of "open Course" Materials From Major Institutions
Get An Internship In A Marketing Company
Find A Mentor
Teach Others What You Know, And Thus Grow
Listen To Educational Radio Programs While You Drive
Read The Local Trades
Just Get Out There And Do It
Hire A Consultant
Complete Marketing Plan Sample
Glossary of Terms Found in This Book
Directory of This Book's Resources and Beyond
Additional Learning Resources
Assembling Your Marketing Plan
Branding Resources
Execution Resources
Measuring And Monitoring Resources
Place And Distribution Resources
Pricing Resources
Product Resources
Promotion Resources
Research Resources

There has never been a greater need for practical DIY marketing advice from a musician who has been there and succeeded than now, a time when new technologies make it more possible than ever for musicians to attract attention independently and leverage their own careers, and record industry professionals look exclusively for developed artists who are already successful.

Written by a professional musician for other musicians, Music Marketing for the DIY Musician is a proactive, practical, step-by-step guide to producing a fully integrated, customized, low-budget plan of attack for artists marketing their own music. In a conversational tone, it reveals a systematic business approach employing the same tools and techniques used by innovative top companies, while always encouraging musicians to stay true to their artistic integrity. It's the perfect blend of left-brain and right-brain marketing.

This digital book is the culmination of the author's 25 years in the trenches as a musician and entrepreneur, and over a decade in academic and practical research involving thousands of independent artists and marketing experts from around the world. The goal is to help musical artists take control of their own destiny, save money and time, and eventually draw the full attention of top music industry professionals. It's ultimately about making music that matters and music that gets heard!

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