Music Marketing: Press, Promotion, Distribution, and Retail
Music Business Book

Music Marketing: Press, Promotion, Distribution, and Retail

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Author: Mike King

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Table of Contents

Creating a Marketing Plan That Works
The Big Picture
Defining Your Goals
Finding Your Audience And Defining Your Market
Components Of An Effective Marketing Plan
Budgeting! The Components Of A New Release Budget
Tailoring Your Plan To Your Strengths
Making Money Through Merchandise Sales
The Artist As A Brand
How Merchandising Works, Who’s Involved, And Where The Money Comes From
Putting Together Your Plan: What To Make, What Not To Make, How Much To Make, How To Make It
Merchandising Sales And Distribution Strategies
How to Sell Your Music Online: Digital Retailers and Distributors
Digital Distribution Basics
Online Music Retail Models
Online Music Retail Outlets
Online Music Distributors
Traditional Brick-and-Mortar Distributors
Physical Music Distributors: The Process And The Players
When Do You Need Physical Distribution?
Independent Artists And Distribution
The Details
Communicating With Your Distributor
Marketing to Traditional Retail
Setting The Stage: The Problems With Retail, And How Smart Stores Are Overcoming Them
The Importance Of The Independent Retailer And Retail Coalitions
How Smart Independents Are Competing In This Environment
Consignment And Pricing Considerations
Retail Marketing Opportunities And Resources
Cover Art And Effective Packaging
Soundscan And Ultimate Chart
Online, Mobile, and Video Marketing
It All Starts At Home
Seo: Making Your Site Pop!
Measuring Your Online Traffic And Marketing Results
What Is Rss And Why Should I Use It?
Social Networking
The Mobile Revolution
Video Marketing
Print Advertising Options: Consumer, Trade, And Co-Op Print Ads
Researching Your Print Advertising Outlets
Media Advertising: Radio And Television
Online Advertising
Components Of An Effective Ad
Timing Your Ad Campaign
Press Kit Essentials
Common Problems With Promo Kits
The Importance Of A Press Story
Determining Your Press Outlets: Print, Radio, Tv, And Online
How To Pitch Print Media
Independent Publicists
Radio Promotion
How Radio Works
When Should You Consider Radio Support?
How A Terrestrial (Brick-and-Mortar) Radio Station Is Structured
How Noncommercial Radio Works
Marketing To Noncommercial Radio
How Commercial Radio Works
Independent Radio Promoters
Internet Radio: The Future Of Radio
Making the Most of a Tour
Key Players In The Touring Business
Promoting The Show: Working With The Venue
Promoting The Show: What You Should Be Doing To Promote Yourself
Promoting The Show: Press
Promoting The Show: Retail
Tour Support From A Label
Timing Is Everything!
Timing The Pre-Release Marketing Of Your Record
Long Lead Pre-Release Marketing (15 To 20 Weeks Out From Street Date)
Moderate Lead Pre-Release Marketing (7 To 14 Weeks Out From Street Date)
Short Lead Pre-Release Marketing (up To 6 Weeks Out)
How To Service Key Marketing Outlets Pre-Release
Post-Release Marketing Recap
Phase Ii Marketing: Capitalizing On Your Success
About the Author

Berklee expert Mike King speaks on how to market and distribute your songs and group to sell more music! Learn the most effective marketing strategies available to musicians, leveraging the important changes and opportunities that the digital age has brought to music marketing.

This multifaceted and integrated approach will help you to develop an effective worldwide marketing strategy. Step by step, you'ill develop an active marketing plan and timeline tailored to your unique strengths and budget.

You'll then learn to time your marketing campaign effectively, publicize your music to traditional print outlets and emerging online opportunities, understand the current opportunities for online, satellite, and terrestrial radio play as well as navigate various retail and distribution options, both at brick-and-mortar and online options, such as iTunes, Rhapsody, and other services.

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