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Music Industry Forms

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Author: Jonathan Feist

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Table of Contents

Introduction. Forms: Friends Or Foes?
At the Gig
1. Stage Plot
2. Sound Plot And Input List
3. Performance Run Sheet
4. Set List
5. Song Order Worksheet
6. Performer Breakdown
7. Performance Report
In the Studio
8. Mic Assignment Chart
9. Recall Sheet
10. Signal Flow/gain Stage Diagram
11. Gear Maintenance Schedule
12. Maintenance Checklist
13. Artist Archive Index
14. Song Data Sheet
15. Project Assets Summary
16. Audio Archive Reel Sheet
17. Master Archive Cue Sheet
18. Take Sheet
19. Lyric Take Sheet
20. Cd Master Checklist
21. Media Label
On the Silver Screen
22. Spotting Sheet/notes
23. Timing Notes
24. Master Cue Sheet/instrumentation Breakdown
25. Music Cue Sheet
On the Road
26. Assets Inventory
27. Tour Itinerary
28. Tour Checklist
29. Travel Instructions
30. Emergency Contact List/medical Info Sheet
31. Merchandise Sales Register
32. Venue List
33. Venue Summary Sheet
34. Booking Request Form
Pr and Marketing
35. One-Sheet
36. Postcard
37. Press Release
38. Repertoire List
39. Marketing Campaign Timeline
At the Office
40. Profit/loss Form
41. Tour Budget
42. Budget-to-Actual Reconciliation
43. Invoice
Music Project Management
44. Design Specification
45. Project Scope Statement
46. Work Breakdown Structure
47. Task List
48. Project List
49. Punch List
50. Proposal Summary
51. Job Assignment Matrix
52. Risk Mitigation Chart
53. Telephone Tree
54. Meeting Agenda
55. Meeting Minutes
56. Faq
On Campus/at the Audition
57. Class Timeline And Lesson Plan
58. Grade Book
59. Practice Log
60. Audition Rating Sheet
61. Audition Summary Matrix
62. Co-Songwriter Split Sheet
63. Work-for-Hire Release
64. Antipiracy Cease And Desist Letter
65. Booking Sheet
66. Photograph Release
67. Full Score
68. Part
69. Piano/vocal Score
70. Guitar Tablature
71. Drum Chart And Key
72. Lead Sheet
73. Chord Chart
74. Nashville Chord Chart
75. Arrangement Summary Sheet

Organize and manage your music projects! Whether you are a performer, writer, engineer, educator, manager, or music maker, these time-tested charts, plots, diagrams, checklists, and agreements will help make your work easier and better. These forms will help you clarify your work, track critical details, and maintain quality control. Each one includes explanation about how it is used, a key to related symbols and terms, and any common variations.

You will find forms for:

• Performance, to help you book, organize, and manage concerts and gigs (stage plots, set lists, booking request sheets)

• Touring (tour itinerary, checklist, assets inventory)

• Technology, to help you manage recording sessions, track gear, and label media (archive sheets, mic input diagrams, take sheets)

• Writing songs, compositions and film scores, supporting both creative and business dimensions of the work (split sheets, spotting notes, cue sheets)

• Business, including agreements, project management tools, and financial management (booking sheets, tour budget, profit/loss form)

• Teaching (audition rating sheet, practice log, lesson plan)

Also included are different types of notation formats, and some tips for creating your own forms.

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