Music Composition for Film and Television
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Music Composition for Film and Television

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Author: Lalo Shifrin

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Table of Contents

Notation Note
The Psychology Of Film And Television Music
Film and Music
Audio-Visual Counterpoint
The Spotting Session
Phases of Thewriting Process
The Scoring Session
The Recording Session
The Mixdown Session
The Dubbing Session
The Interval Relationship of Different Moods
Scales Of Limited Transposition
Intervals And Dramatic Effect: Consonant To Dissonant
Action Music
Rhythmic Approach
Melody Or Pitch-Class Relationships
Harmony Or Density In Action Music
Rhythmic Polyphony
Light Suspense
Buildup To Grand Tuttis
Neutral Suspense
Special Genres
With The Clock
Click Tracks
Music Under Dialogue
Dialogue Andsound Effects
Using Sound Effects As Music
As Background Music
The Function of Thehuman Voice
As A Song
The Use Of Ostinato
Cinematic Devices
Slow Motion
Split Screen
Ethnic Andperiod Music
Latin America
Period Music
Beginnings, Connections,and Endings
Television Formats
Different Genres
Coming Attractions And Featurettes
Universal And Herrmann
Mgm And The Composers
"main Title"
"film Noir"
Fantasy for Screenplayand Orchestra
"first Transition"
"the Silent Comedians"
"second Transition"
"love Scene"
"the Final Conflict"
About the Author

Learn film-scoring techniques from one of the great film/television composers of our time. Lalo Schifrin shares his insights into the intimate relationship between music and drama. The book is illustrated with extended excerpts from his most iconic scores – such as Mission: Impossible, Cool Hand Luke, Bullitt and many others – and peppered with anecdotes from inside the Hollywood studios. Schifrin reveals the technical details of his own working approach, which has earned him six Oscar nominations, 21 Grammy nominations (with four awards), and credits on hundreds of major productions. Includes the full score of Schifrin's Fanfare for Screenplay and Orchestra, a treasure-trove of unfettered dramatic sound painting, commissioned by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, and a great thesis on the emblematic language of film music.

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