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Modern Jazz Voicings

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Authors: Ted Pease and Ken Pullig

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Table of Contents

Part I:Background And Basics
Instrumental Information
1-1 Transposition
1-2 Ranges And Sound Characteristics
Fundamental Tools and Techniques
2-1 Tensions
2-2 Anticipation And Delayed Attack
2-3 Reharmonizing Approach Notes
Basic Voicings
3-1 Five-Part Soli Voicings
3-2 Five-Part Spreads
3-3 Five-Note Soli Voicings
3-4 Exercises
Chord Scales
4-1 Chord Scale Theory
4-2 Forming A Chord Scale
4-3 Avoid Notes
4-4 Notation And Labeling Of Chord Scales
4-5 List Of Tonal Chord Scales
4-6 List Of Modal Chord Scales
4-7 Exercises
Part Ii: Modern Jazz Voicings
Voicings in Fourths
5-1 Characteristics
5-2 Five-Part Voicings In Fourths
5-3 Four-Part Voicings In Fourths
5-4 Three-Part Voicings In Fourths
5-5 Exercises
Voicings in Seconds (Clusters)
6-1 Characteristics
6-2 Five-Part Clusters (Voicings In Seconds)
6-3 Four-Part Clusters (Voicings In Seconds)
6-4 Three-Part Clusters (Voicings In Seconds)
6-5 Using Clusters (Voicings In Seconds)
6-6 Exercises
Voicing With Upper Structure Triads
7-1 Characteristics
7-2 Six-Part Upper Structure Triads
7-3 Five-Part Upper Structure Triads
7-4 Four-Part Upper Structure Triads
7-5 Three-Part Upper Structure Triads
7-6 Uses Of Upper Structure Triads
7-7 Exercises
Writing for Six Parts
8-1 Basic Six-Part Writing
8-2 Six-Part Spreads
8-3 Six-Part Tutti Writing
8-4 Six-Part Voicings In Fourths
8-5 Six-Note Voicings In Fourths
8-6 Six-Part Spreads With Top Five Notes In Fourths
8-7 Six-Part Clusters (Voicings In Seconds)
8-8 Exercises

The definitive text used for the time-honored Chord Scales course at Berklee College of Music, this book concentrates on scoring for every possible ensemble combination and teaches performers and arrangers how to add color, character and sophistication to chord voicings.

Topics covered include: selecting appropriate harmonic tensions, understanding jazz harmony, overcoming harmonic ambiguity, experimenting with unusual combinations and non-traditional alignments, and many more.

The accompanying online audio includes performance examples of several different arranging techniques and lets you hear the voicing examples in addition to reading them!

Learn to jazz it up now!

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