Method Guitar: A Modern Method for Guitar Volume 1
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Method Guitar: A Modern Method for Guitar Volume 1

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Author: William Leavitt

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Table of Contents

Section One
To Tune The Guitar:
The Staff:
Clef Sign:
Time Signatures:
Notes in the First Position
Sea to Sea (Duet)
Note and Chord Review
One, Two, Three, Four (Duet)
Rhythm Accompaniment
Imitation Duet
Sharps and Flats
Here We Go Again (Duet)
Rhythm Accompaniment
Eighth Notes—counting and Picking
Etude No. 1 (Duet)
Rests, Tied Notes, Dotted Notes
Common Time Values Of Rests
Tied Notes:
Dotted Notes:
Etude No. 2 (Duet)
First Solo
Rhythm Accompaniment
Second Solo
Etude No. 3 (Duet)
Picking Etude No. 1
Two, Two (Duet)
Key of G Major (First Position)
Rhythm Accompaniment
Sixteenth Notes
Duet in G
Picking Etude No. 2
Another Duet in G
Key of F Major (First Position)
Rhythm Accompaniment
Duet in F
The Triplet
Waltz in F (Solo)
Key of a Minor (First Position)
Rhythm Accompaniment
Pretty Pickin' (Duet)
Dotted Eighth and Sixteenth Notes
Key of E Minor (Scales in First Position)
Rhythm Accompaniment
Take Your Pick (Duet)
Rhythm Accompaniment
Chromatic Scale (First Position)
Speed Studies
Key of D Minor (Scales in First Position)
Rhythm Accompaniment
Endurance Etude
Key of B Major (Scales in First Position)
Rhythm Accompaniment
Duet in B
Reverse Alternate Picking Study
Key of D Major (Scale in First Position)
Duet in D
Dynamic Etude (Duet)
Key of a Major (First Position)
Rhythm Accompaniment
Key of E Major (Scale in First Position)
Duet in E
Movable Chord Forms
Picking—a Different Technique
Section Two
Position Playing
Major Scales
Chord Etude No. 1
Etude No. 5 (Duet)
Reading Studies
Ballad (Duet)
Movable Chord Forms
Chord Forms
Rhythm Accompaniment—right-Hand Technique
Picking Etude No. 4
F Major Scale
Chord Forms
Chord Etude No. 2
Another Duet in F
Reading Studies
Play It Pretty (Duet)
Chord Forms
Triplet Study
Speed Study—fingering Type 1
Speed Study—fingering Type 1a
G Major Scale
Dotted Eighth and Sixteenth Study
Waltz for Two (Duet)
Chord Forms
Reading Studies
Blues in G (Duet)
Chord Etude No. 3
Rhythm AccompanimentRight-Hand Technique
Picking Etude No. 5
Short and Sweet (Duet)
D Major Scale
Chord Forms
Melodic Rhythm Study No. 1
Chord Etude No. 4
Staccato, Legato
Reading Studies
Dee-Oo-Ett (Duet)
Chord Forms
Speed Study—fingering Type 2
Speed Study—fingering Type 3
A Major Scale
Chord Etude No. 5
Reading Studies
Tres Sharp (Duet)
Sixteenth Note Study
Chord Forms
Speed Study—fingering Type 4, Second Position
Chord Forms
Second Position Review
Chord Forms
Quarter-Note Triplets
Major Scales in Third Position
Third Position Review
Chord Forms
Major Scales in First Position
First Position Review
Major Scales in Fourth Position
Chord Forms
Fourth Position Review
Chord Forms
Author's Notes

This practical, comprehensive method is used as the basic text for the guitar program at the Berklee College of Music. Volume One builds a solid foundation for beginning guitarists and features a comprehensive range of guitar and music fundamentals, including: scales, melodic studies, chord and arpeggio studies, how to read music, special exercises for developing technique in both hands, voice leading using moveable chord forms, and more.

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