Joe Satriani - Guitars Secrets

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Table of Contents

September ′87: Smart Fingers
October ′87: Unusual Tunings
November ′87: Finding the Note
December ′87: Right-Hand Harmonics
January ′88: Harmonized Scales (Part One)
February ′88: Harmonized Scales (Part Two)
March ′88: Atonal Scat Singing
April ′88: One-String Scales
May ′88: Open Tuning
June ′88: Triad Arpeggios
July ′88: the Wang Bar
August ′88: Soloing in All 12 Keys
September ′88: Uncommon Arpeggios
October ′88: Light and Funky Chords
November ′88: Modal Arpeggios
December ′88: Suspended Chords
January ′89: Flutter Power (Part One)
February ′89: Flutter Power (Part Two)
March ′89: Grouped Articulations
April ′89: Grouped Articulations: Threes
May ′89: Smart Fingers (Part Two)
June ′89: Harmonized Minor Pentatonic
July ′89: Octaves
August ′89: Practical Ear Training
September ′89: Compound Octaves
October ′89: Photographic Memory (Part One)
November ′89: Photographic Memory (Part Two)
December ′89: Triads (Part One)
January ′90: Triads (Part Two)
February ′90: Thrash Soloing (Part One)
March ′90: Thrash Soloing (Part Two)
April ′90: Open D Blues
May ′90: Advanced Improvising
June ′90: Chromatic Warm-up
July ′90: Twenty-One 4th-String-Root Chords
August ′90: the Hindu Scale
September ′90: Natural-Harmonic Map
October ′90: Advanced Improvising Revisited
November ′90: Harmonic Crunch
December ′90: Open-String Color
January ′91: Re-Assigning Chord Intervals

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