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Authors: Robert Rawlins and Nor Eddine Bahha

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Intervals
Major And Perfect Intervals
Minor, Diminished, And Augmented Intervals
Interval Abbreviations
Consonant Intervals And Dissonant Intervals
Chapter 1 Exercises
Chapter 2 Jazz Harmony Basics
Triad Inversion
7th Chords
Chord Extensions
Upper Structures
Hybrid Chords
Chapter 2 Exercises
Chapter 3 Scales and Modes
Major Scale
Minor Scales
Scale Relationships
Major Scale Modes
Melodic Minor Scale Modes
Minor Scale Diatonic Harmony
Pentatonic Scales
Blues Scales
Bebop Scales
Symmetrical Scales
The Altered Scale
Other Scales
Chapter 3 Exercises
Chapter 4 the Ii-V-I Cadence
Chord Families
The Circle Of Fifths
Chapter 4 Exercises
Chapter 5: Harmonic Analysis
Analytical Markings
Structural Divisions
Secondary Dominants
Backcycling Dominants
Related Ii’s
Contiguous Dominants
Chapter 5 Exercises
Chapter 6 Ii–v–i Piano Voicings and Voice Leading
Rooted Voicings
Rootless Voicings
Voice Leading And The Ii-V-I Cadence
One-Hand Voicings
Rootless Voicings For The Blues
Two-Hand Voicings
Modal Voicings
Cluster Voicings
Chapter 6 Exercises
Chapter 7 Modulations and Modal Interchange
Types Of Modulations
Modal Interchange
Chapter 7 Exercises
Chapter 8 Reharmonization
Diatonic Substitution In Tonal Contexts
Substitutions In Modal Contexts
Tritone Substitution
Changing Chord Quality
Passing Chords
Diminished Chord Functions
Diminished Substitution
Added Ii-V’s
Coltrane Substitutions
Chapter 8 Exercises
Chapter 9 Jazz Piano Comping
Lead Sheets
Chapter 9 Exercises
Chapter 10 Jazz Tune Forms
Tonal Tunes
Rhythm Changes
Modal And Polytonal Tunes
Chapter 10 Exercise
Chapter 11 Other Arranging Techniques
Constant Structures
Pedal Point
Reharmonizing A Melody
Chapter 12 Approaching Improvisation
Devices For Improvisation
Approaching Improvisation
Transcribed Solos
Chapter 13 Fundamentals of Traditional Jazz
Harmonic Concept
Early Jazz Song Forms
Multi-Part Structures
Improvisational Strategy
Chapter 14 Practicing—why, What & How?
Putting It All Together
The Weekly Picture
The Daily Routine

A one-of-a-kind book encompassing a wide scope of jazz topics, for beginners and pros of any instrument. A three-pronged approach was envisioned with the creation of this comprehensive resource: as an encyclopedia for ready reference, as a thorough methodology for the student, and as a workbook for the classroom, complete with ample exercises and conceptual discussion.

This book includes the basics of intervals, jazz harmony, scales and modes, ii-V-I cadences. For harmony, it covers harmonic analysis, piano voicings and voice leading; modulations and modal interchange, and reharmonization. For performance, it takes players through jazz piano comping, jazz tune forms, arranging techniques, improvisation, traditional jazz fundamentals, practice techniques, and much more!

“The book's approach is so intuitive, it almost leads you by the hand into the world of jazz. Certainly jazz is freedom of expression, but you have to know what you're doing and this book is the tool for that ... it should be standard in every high school with a jazz program and every college lab band.”

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