How to Read Music

How to Read Music

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Table of Contents

Before You Start
What Is Music Reading?
Some Real Music
Reading Music In Theory Vs.

Reading Music In Practice
About The Piano Keyboard
About Pitch, Part 1
More About The Staff
More About The Pitches Of Notes
More About The Shapes Of Notes
Everything Is Relative: About Clefs
About The Piano Keyboard
About Middle C
About The Bass Clef
Memorizing The Pitches Of The Staff
Starting To Read Music
Extending The Staff
Reading Music With Ledger Lines
The Grand Staff
Clef Changes And Octave Signs
A Bit More About Clefs
About Rhythm, Part 1
About Note Values
About Time Signatures
About Bar Lines And Measures
Music For Practice
Mixing Up The Time Values
About Rests
About Pitch, Part 2
About The Black Keys; Sharps And Flats
Canceling A Sharp Or Flat; The Natural
About Accidentals—some Terminology
Reading And Playing Music In Various Keys
About Minor Scales And Minor Keys
Reading And Playing Music In Minor Keys
A Bit More About Minor Scales
About Rhythm, Part 2
About Triplets
About Pickups
About Ties
The Dot
About Tricky Rhythms
Tricky Rhythms Involving Eighth Notes
Tricky Rhythms Involving 16th Notes
More 16th-Note Figures
About Meter
About Cut Time (2/2 Time)
About Compound Time
About Tuplets
About The Quarter-Note Triplet
Special Words and Symbols
About Form And Signs Of Repetition
About Ornaments
Additional Signs And Symbols
Three Classics for You to Play
About the Author

Music notation is a language that has been developing for thousands of years; even the manner in which we read music today has been around for several centuries. In learning to read music, you'll learn the basic symbols for pitch, duration, and timing. As you advance, you'll then learn about dynamics, expression, timbre, and even special effects.

As a final reward for all your hard work, you'll get the music to play excerpts from three classic piano pieces by Bach, Mozart, and Beethoven.

Start reading music today!

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