How to Play from a Fake Book
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How to Play from a Fake Book

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Author: Blake Neely

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Table of Contents

Answers to Some Common Questions About Fake Books
Playing with your left hand
Reading From A Chord Line With Single Bass Notes
Spice Things Up With A Fifth
The World's Easiest Fifth Finder
Playing some major chords
The World's Easiest Major Third Finder
The Shape Of Chords To Come
Playing Right-Hand Chords Only
Playing Left-Hand Chords
New positions
Why Learn Chord Inversions?
Common-Tone Voicing
Close-tone Voicing
Introducing minor chords
Minor Chords By Scale
Flipping The Minors Around
Left-hand Options
Don't be dominated by a dominant seventh
The World's Easiest Minor Seventh Finder
What's The Difference?
Drop The Fifth
And Speaking Of Inversions...
"Bouncy Chord" Style
Alterations while you wait
Playing Enharmony
Get To Know Your New Chords
More Fun With Augmented And Diminished Chords
The Suspense Is Killing Me!
Add A Little Suspense...
As An Intro...
At The End Of A Phrase...
As An "outro"...
When your right hand gets bored
Add Chord Notes To The Melody
Off-beat Harmony
Vary The Rhythm Of The Melody
More seventh chords
The Names Have Been Changed To Protect The Innocent
Minor Seventh Chords
Add A Seventh To Your Augmented And Diminished Chords
Suspended Seventh Chords
Even more seventh chords
Playing Sevenths In A Major Way
Lowering The Seventh Again
Chords with additives...accept no substitutes
Sixth Sense About Harmony
Make Up Your Mind — Second Or Ninth?
Don't Drop The Fifth Or Third!
Every Chord Should Have A Voice
Slash chords
Adding A Little Bass
What's The Point?
Hey, That Note Ain't Part Of The Chord?!
Extending your chordal horizons
All Kinds Of Ninths
It's Too Big For One Hand!
Elevenths And Thirteenths
Playing With The Big Kids
Make your own kind of music
Handy Tools To Keep Around The House
Ornaments Aren't Just For Holidays Anymore
Five Easy Steps To Faking A Better Arrangement
Put It All Together

Ever wondered how to create better accompaniments for the melodies in your favorite fake books?

This “teach yourself” book introduces you to chord building, various rhythmic styles, and much more, so that you play the songs you like just the way you want them. Keyboard players with a basic understanding of notation and sight-reading will be on their way to more fun with fake books.

The relaxed tone of the text and selection of fun songs keep "How to Play from a Fake Book" entertaining throughout – perfect for amateur musicians, or as a supplement for keyboard teachers and their students.

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