How to Harmonize on the Piano
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How to Harmonize on the Piano

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Author: Mark Harrison

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Table of Contents

About the Audio
About the Author
Chapter 1: Adding Basic Chords to Melodies
Major Scales, Keys, And Resolutions
First Steps: Using Major (Primary) Triads
Adding More Choices: Minor Triads
Chapter 2: Using Chord Rhythms When Harmonizing
Understanding Chord Rhythms
Using Chord Rhythms With Diatonic Triads
Rhythmic Anticipations: Eighth Notes
Diatonic Four-Part (7th) Chords
Minor Scales And Keys
Rhythmic Anticipations: Sixteenth Notes
Chapter 3: Using Upper Triads and Bass Inversions
Voicing Larger Chords With Upper Triads
Applying Bass Inversions To Triads
Harmonizing Pentatonic Scale Melodies
Chapter 4: Chromatic and Modal Melodies
Chromatic Melody Basics
Mixolydian Melody Harmonization
Major/Minor Mix Melody Harmonization
Chapter 5: More Advanced Harmonization Tools
Harmonization By Bass Line
Parallel Motion Harmonization
Chapter 6: Melody Harmonization Examples
Melody #1: In EE Major
Melody #2: In A Major
Melody #3: In E Minor
Melody #4: In D (Major-minor Mix)
Melody #5: No Key Signature (chromatic Melody)

The topic of applying harmony to melodies can be intimidating to the beginning keyboard player, but it doesn't have to be! Pianist, composer/arranger, educator, and author Mark Harrison takes you through all the necessary steps for building harmonies to accompany any melody, whether they come from hit tunes or your own original material.

Topics covered include: basic harmonization with triads • harmonization with 7th chords • working with major, minor, and modal tonalities • expanding and enhancing arrangements • and more. All of these concepts are demonstrated with over 90 accompanying audio tracks, featuring solo piano, full band, and melody with drums, that span a wide variety of styles!

Audio is accessed from within the digital book for easy use and instruction.

Start harmonizing now!

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