Musician's Guide to Home Recording Book

How to Get the Best Sounds Out of Amp Sim Software (The Musician's Guide to Home Recording)

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Author: Craig Anderton

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Table of Contents

About This Book
The Question Of Amp Sims
Tips And References
Getting Started With Amp Sims
Yes, You Can Get Started For Free!
Amp Sim Basics
Plug-in Technologies And Formats
How To Connect Guitars To Computers: The Audio Interface
Amp Sim Preferences
Key Takeaways
Amp Sim Effects Chains
The Virtual Pedalboard
The Virtual Rack System
Profiles Of Popular Effects Types
Choosing The Effects Chain Order
Rules Were Made To Be Broken
Parallel Effect Applications
Key Takeaways
Improving the Sound of Amp Sims
Pre-Sim Tweaks
Optimize Amp Sim Input And Output Levels
Avoid Internal Distortion With Gain Staging
Pre-Sim Filtering
Use De-Essing To Reduce Amp Sim Harshness
Post-Sim Filtering
Virtual Miking With Amp Sims
Convolution Technology-Based Cabinets
Dealing With Option Overload
Key Takeaways
Advanced Techniques
Mix The Virtual And Physical Worlds
Re-Amping And Amp Sims
Synchronizing Amp Sim Effects To Tempo
Multiband Processing
"special Sauces"
Key Takeaways
Midi Control and Automation
How To Connect Midi Hardware Devices To Your Computer
Midi Messages
Midi Controller Assignment Protocols
Midi Footswitches
Host Automation
Key Takeaways
Mobile and Live Performance
Going Mobile
Using Laptops For Live Performance
Amp Sim And Multieffects Amplification Systems
Key Takeaways

Modern amp sim software has progressed to an amazing degree, yet many guitarists have difficulty obtaining the same kind of responsive, organic sounds associated with physical amps. This book is loaded with tips on how to use amp sims not only to re-create the sound and feel of iconic amps, but also, to create sounds that were either impractical or impossible to do with traditional amps.

Topics include:

• Simple ways guitars can be more “sim-friendly”

• Using processors to condition the audio prior to going through an amp sim

• Hard disk editing techniques to optimize tracks for use with amp sims

• Multiband processing for exceptional dynamics and responsiveness

• Parallel processing and amp stacking

• Creating custom virtual cabinets instead of using the ones in the sim

• Eliminating aliasing and other digital artifacts

• Combining amp sims and physical amps, and much more

The book also includes information on how guitar can blend in perfectly with EDM and other modern musical forms through the use of software processing, and techniques like modulating guitar with drums and other instruments to give highly rhythmic overlays. Filled with illustrations and “tech talk” sidebars on selected topics, this book is essential reading for all guitarists—from traditional blues players who seek the ultimate tone, to experimental guitarists immersed in the world of electronics.

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