Hal Leonard Recording Method – For Bands, Singer-Songwriters & More
Hal Leonard Book

Hal Leonard Recording Method – For Bands, Singer-Songwriters & More

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Author: Jake Johnson

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Table of Contents

What Is Sound?
Drum Hit Sound Waves
How A Microphone Works
How A Speaker Works
Chapter 2: Digital Audio Basics
Digital Waveform
File Formats
Sample Rate And Bit Depth
Mono And Stereo
Hearing In Stereo
DAWs (Digital Audio Workstations)
Chapter 3: Basic Gear and Set-up
Equipment And Hardware Needs
Basic Recording Gear
Acoustic Treatments
Signal Path
Different Recording Set-Ups For Different Situations
Chapter 4: Inputs and Outputs (I/O)
Managing Inputs And Recording
Chapter 5: Audio Sources
Start At The Source
Microphone Selection
Acoustic Instruments
Line Instruments
Specialty Sounds
Plosives And Pop Filters
Mic Placement
Chapter 6: Capturing and Editing Audio
Recording Levels
Preamps – Input Gain Vs. Output Level
Segments And Takes
Punch Recording
Moving, Copying, And Pasting
Chapter 7: Layering and Building a Song
Adding Layers
Using Multiple Takes, Alternative Rhythms, And Voicings
Panning And 3D Thinking
Chapter 8: Plug-ins, Effects, and Signal Processing
Wet Vs. Dry
Plug-Ins And Effects
Understanding Compression
Chapter 9: Mixing
Mixing Basics
Mixing The Rhythm Section
Subtractive Mixing
Making Space Using EQ And Panning
Instrument Frequency Ranges
Creating Depth With EQ And Effects
Listen, Adjust, And Listen Again
Chapter 10: Mastering
What Is Mastering?
Chain Of Filters And Dynamics Processing
Adjusting Your Mix In Response To The Mastering
Finalizing Your Mastered Mix

The Hal Leonard Recording Method is the perfect introduction for anyone interested in learning the basics of recording audio for bands, singer/songwriters, and more.

Veteran studio engineer and author Jake Johnson takes you through the fundamentals of audio recording, from gear and set-up through mixing and mastering, sharing invaluable tips and guideposts along the way.

This digital book also features valuable audio demonstration tracks and video tutorials covering topics such as digital audio basics, basic gear and setup, inputs and outputs (I/O), audio sources & microphones, capturing & editing audio, plug-ins, effects & signal processing, mixing, mastering, and more!

Learn to start recording and editing your own music now!

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