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Hal Leonard Jazz Piano Method

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Author: Mark Davis

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Table of Contents

Getting Started
Practice Tips
Developing Your Ear
Recommended Listening
Jazz Standards
The Form Of A Tune
The Structure Of A Typical Jazz Performance
The Pianist’s Role In A Jazz Group
Essential Theory
The Chromatic Scale
The Whole Tone Scale
The Major Scale
The Cycle
Swing Eighth Notes
Basic Chords and Voicings
Four-Note Chords
Shell Voicings And Concepts Of Voice Leading
Diatonic Chords
The Iim7–v7–imaj7 Progression
Learning Tunes
Interpreting A Lead Sheet
Ending Idea 1
Ending Idea 2
Applying Voicings
Beginning Improvisation
The Blues Scale
Feeling Time
The Blues Progression
Improvising With Chord Tones
The Modes Of The Major Scale
The Mixolydian Mode
The Dorian Mode
Thinking About Scales
Dominant Vocabulary
The Dominant Bebop Scale
Resolution To The Third
Application To The Blues
More Dominant Ideas
More About Accents
Rhythmic Variations
Major Vocabulary
Major Scale Improvisation
The Major Bebop Scale
Resolution To The Third And Fifth
Arpeggios And Other Melodic Ideas
Rhythmic Variations
Improvising Over Common Progressions
Application To “afternoon In Paris”
More Harmony
Upper Extensions
Altered Dominant Extensions
Two-Handed Voicings
Harmonizing Tunes
Rootless Voicings
Comping Rhythms
Comping Behind A Soloist
Soloing With Chords
More Scales
The Harmonic Minor Scale
The Jewish Or Spanish Scale
Minor Ii–v–i
The Locrian Mode
The Jazz Melodic Minor Scale
The Altered Scale
The Diminished Scale
Improvising With Whole Tone Scales
Putting It All Together
More Repertoire
Variations Of Common Chord Progressions
Jazz Blues
Rhythm Changes
“autumn Leaves”
About the Author

The Hal Leonard Jazz Piano Method is a comprehensive and easy-to-use guide designed for anyone interested in playing jazz piano – from the complete novice just learning the basics to the more advanced player who wishes to enhance their keyboard vocabulary.

There are lots of fun progressions and licks for you to play and absorb. The accompanying audio includes demonstrations of all the examples in the digital book!

Topics include essential theory, chords and voicings, improvisation ideas, structure and forms, scales and modes, rhythm basics, interpreting a lead sheet, playing solos, and much more!

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