Hal Leonard Classical Guitar Method - Tab Edition (audio)
Hal Leonard Book

Hal Leonard Classical Guitar Method - Tab Edition (audio)

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Author: Paul Henry

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Table of Contents

Before You Begin
Classical Guitar Anatomy
Sitting Position
Music Fundamentals
Right-Hand Position
Playing the Strings
Left-Hand Position
Notes on the First String
Notes on the Second String
Playing Music in Two Parts
Study No. 1
Prelude No. 1
Prelude No. 2
Notes on the Third String
Prelude For Three Strings
Study No. 2 – Ties
Study No. 3
Study No. 4 – Dotted Half Notes And Ties
Eighth Notes
Study No. 5 – Eighth Notes With Bass
Study No. 6
Study No. 7
More Notes
Study No. 8
Prelude No. 3
Prelude No. 4
6/8 Time
Study No. 9
Prelude No. 5
Prelude No. 6 In D
Study No. 10
Notes on the Fourth String
Playing Two Notes Together With I And M
Study No. 11
Notes on the Fifth String
Study No. 12
Notes on the Sixth String
Playing Three Notes Together With I, M, And A
Study No. 13
Study No. 14
More Chords
Sixteenth Notes
Rest Stroke
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Exercise 4
Prelude No. 7
Descending Slurs
Slur Exercise
More Pieces
Reference Section
Use Of The Fingernails
Taking Care Of Your Guitar
Changing Strings On Your Classical Guitar
Guide To Strings And Notes
About the Author

The Hal Leonard Classical Guitar Method is designed for anyone just learning to play classical guitar. This comprehensive and easy-to-use beginner's guide by renowned classical guitarist and teacher Paul Henry uses the music of the master composers to teach you the basics of the classical style and technique.

The digital book includes pieces by Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Schumann, Purcell and many more and includes lessons on: tuning • proper playing technique • notes in open position • PIMA technique • time signatures • key signatures • scales • chords • and more. Includes audio demo tracks right within the digital book for easy, intuitive access!

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  • Responsive book design, so things look great on mobile too
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