Hal Leonard Cajon Method
Hal Leonard Book

Hal Leonard Cajon Method

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Author: Paul Jennings

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Table of Contents

About the Cajon
Anatomy of the Cajon
Playing Position
Notation Key
Notation Symbols
Reading Note Values
Note Value Exercises
Bass, Mid, and Slap Tones
Bass Tone
Slap Tone
High Slap Tone
Mid Tone
Bass and Slap Tone Exercise
8 to 1 Exercise
Three-Tone Exercise
Bass/slap Tone Doubles
Basic 4/4 Groove
Basic 4/4 Groove Variation
Rock Grooves
Rock Groove 1
Rock Groove 2
Using Fills
Rock Fill 1
Rock Fill 2
Ghost Notes
The Flam
16th-Beat Fast Rock
16th-Beat Fast Rock Variation
Part 2: Grooves
Funk 1
Funk 1 Variation
Afro-Peruvian Grooves
Latin American Grooves
Flamenco Rumba
Flamenco Rumba 1
Flamenco Rumba 2
Funk 2
Train Beat
Blues Shuffle
Blues Shuffle 1
Blues Shuffle 2
Reggae 2
Waltz and 3/4 Groove
3/4 Rock Groove
Middle Eastern
Slow Rock
Slow Rock 1
Slow Rock 2
Flamenco Bulerias
Part 3: Advanced Techniques
Changing the Pitch of Your Cajon
Foot Slide
Foot Slide Exercises
Exercise 1
Exercise 2
Exercise 3
Grooves With Pitch Change
Rock With Pitch Change
Funk With Pitch Change
Finger Doubles
Finger Doubles Exercise
Grooves With Finger Doubles
Rock With Finger Doubles
Rumba With Finger Doubles
Finger Triplet
Finger Triplet Exercise
Reverse Finger Triplet
Reverse Finger Triplet Exercise
Playing Clave
Son Clave
Rumba Clave
Bass Tone Paradiddle
Bass And Slap Tone Paradiddle
Hand-Switch Paradiddle
Using a Cymbal With Your Cajon
Grooves With a Cymbal
Rock With A CYMBaL
Swing With A CYMBaL
Playing With Brushes
How To Use The Brushes
Brush Exercise and Grooves
Rock Groove With Brushes
Train Beat With Brushes
Cajon Finale

This beginner's guide for anyone learning to play the cajon takes you through the basics of the instrument and its techniques with dozens of exercises and over 30 grooves from many genres including rock, Latin, blues, jazz, flamenco, funk, and more!

There are also more advanced techniques in the final chapter that include how to change the pitch with your foot, playing with brushes, and playing rolls with your fingers. With the book come 45 accompanying online videos that demonstrate many of the rhythms a techniques in the book.

Topics covered include: playing position, how to read the notation, bass and slap tone exercises, grooves, changing pitch, foot slide exercises, finger doubles and triples, playing with brushes, and much more!

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