Hal Leonard Bass Method: Complete Edition (audio)
Hal Leonard Book

Hal Leonard Bass Method: Complete Edition (audio)

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Author: Ed Friedland

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Table of Contents

The Electric Bass
The Bass Amp
Tuning To The Audio
Using An Electronic Tuner
Tuning To A Keyboard
Relative Tuning
Playing Positions
Musical Symbols
Right-Hand Technique
Pick Style
Left-Hand Technique
Open-String Exercises
Notes on the E String
Little Rock
Kinda Folky
More Notes on the E String
Lookin' Sharp
Notes on the a String
You Go, Slav
One More Time
Cattle Crossing
More Notes on the a String
Roll It
12-Bar Blues
A Little Heavy
Notes on the D String
Private Eye
Minor League
More Notes on the D String
Crossin' Three
Octa Gone
Notes on the G String
Gee Whiz
All Right
More Notes on the G String
All Four One
More Octaves
Octave Blues
Taiwan On
Three's A Crowd
Tell It
Changin' Times
Rock 'n' Rest
Three Play
Eighth Notes
Movin' 8's
Eight Ball
Rok Gruv
Bop Bop
Coda Pendant
Dee Dee
The Classic Rhythm
Down Home
Raitt On
Minor's Tale
Classic Blues
Petty Thief
Third Position
On The G String
On The D String
3rd Watch
On The A String
Flying Leap
On The E String
0 And 3
Shifting Through The Positions
Shift-Crazy Blues
Etude Bruté
The Box Shape
E, A & B Box
Box Lunch
Box-E Blues
Movable Boxes
Your Move
Move It
Movie Star
5th Position
On the g string
Shifty Henry
On The D String
Dee Gee
Dig It
On The A String
Tab Hunter
Pay The Tab
On The E String
Da Blues
All Together Now
Swing Time
The Major Scale
Scale Sequence #1
Scale Sequence #2
Universal Fingerings
Scale Sequence #3
Scale Sequence #4
Pasta Mon
A-Flat Tire
Open E
B-Flat Jump
The Classic Blues Line
Gee Blues
Aay, Blues!
Low Down
Syncopated Eighth Notes
Off Beat
Funky Soul Groove
That '70s Thing
The Major Triad
Tri Again
Funky Li'l Blues
The Minor Scale
Minor Scale Sequence
House O' Horror
Jazz Minor
Minor Modulation
Mod Crazy
Minor Triads
Bogey Man
Gypsy Swing
Room-Ba With A View
Eighth-Note Triplets
The '50s
The Shuffle Rhythm
Old Days
Bad Bone
Uptown Down
Classic Flat 7
Go On
The Chromatic Walkup
Open Up
Double Up
Rez - Q
Kickin' It
Sixteenth Notes
One Drop
Dada Dadat
Jog Wheel
Layin' Back
Nazz - T
Funky Sixteenth-Note Syncopation
Ookachu Wha?
Minor Glitch
Do It Now
Soul Groove
D - Troit
Seventh Chords
Major Seventh
Dominant Seventh
Li'l Thing
Funk Time
Minor Seventh
Little M
Middle Man
On The Verge
Slippin' & Slidin'
Minor Pentatonic
Venture Forth
Deja View
Hammer Head
Major Pentatonic
Just Like My Girl
N'awlins Beat
Playing Off Chord Symbols
Just Roots
Roots & 8ths
Jumping Octaves
Your Turn
Use The 5
5 By 8
You Got It
Chromatic R-5-8
It's Up To You
Scale R-5-8
All Yours
Dominant To The 5th
You Go, Hugo
Using Triads to Create Bass Lines
Walking Triads
Walk This Way
Simple Triads
On Your Own
Triads & Dotted Quarters
Uh Huh
Groove Jam
Time 2 Groove
Slap Funk
Slap This
Pent Up
The Pop
Combining Slap And Pop
Octave Slap
Chromatic Octaves
Dead Notes
Dead End
Keep It Together
It's An Eyeful!

The Hal Leonard Bass Method is designed for anyone just learning to play electric bass!

It is based on years of teaching bass students of all ages and it also reflects some of the best bass teaching ideas from around the world.

This special edition digital book contains books 1, 2 and 3 with online audio examples so you can hear and see what you're learning.

Power up your Bass playing skills now!

Key Digital Print Features

We've built a new way to enjoy electronic print that you're sure to love.

  • Fast Loading Desktop and Mobile Experience (even with cellular connections!)
  • Auto-resume across devices
  • Quick search, note taking and bookmarking for easy reference
  • Responsive book design, so things look great on mobile too
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